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[Love By Chance] Episode 6 Recap

Okay……so it has been a long time. I know what you might be thinking:

“Let it go, Anais. It’s been a year already since your last recap.”

And I actually really was just going to let these recaps go. But! Around two weeks ago, the unofficial trailer for Love By Chance season 2 was released and I started looking at pictures online and it all just gave me so many memories about season 1. So I got back in the mood and will finish these recaps in honor of the upcoming season 2. Even though there is no official release date, we can be assured that season 2 is coming. Yay!

So anyway, on to episode 6!

So just like how episode 5 ended, episode 6 is opening up with Pete and his box of shoes that he’s going to give to Ae. He’s having all these flashbacks of his kiss with Ae and how Ae admitted that it was his first kiss. And I meeaannnn, who even admits to people that the person they are currently kissing is their first kiss? Lol +2 for Ae’s unceasing honesty.

So we jump to the next day and Pete is feeling real good about gifting Ae these soccer cleates. But who stops him so they can talk? Freakin Shampoo Chompoo. She’s all in his face asking about Ae and telling Pete how much she really likes him. She’s going on and on and Pete is clearly uncomfortable about the whole thing. I just want to shake her because girl! YOU. DON’T. KNOW. HIM! He literally grabbed your bag and left. How can you want a stranger to be your boyfriend just because he helped you get your bag? Smh. -10

She even goes as far as asking Pete if he knows what type of women Ae likes. Joke is on you, girl. Ae like boys lol.

So she’s going on and on about how she’ll change herself to be whatever type of girl he likes and I just want to slap her. She sounds exactly like a little girl that knows absolutely nothing about being in a relationship. Never change yourself for anybody. If they don’t like you being yourself, go find someone that does.

So Pete tells her that he doesn’t know what kind of girls Ae likes. Shampoo Chompoo decides to leave it alone and go find Ae for herself but not before asking Pete if he can talk to Ae about her since she “really likes him”. And Pete agrees! >_< -5.

I’m really not enjoying how Pete gets so sad just because some random girl likes Ae. Especially when Ae has told Pete that he likes him and doesn’t want to be pushed into liking someone else. I’m trying to be understanding because relationships have been hard for Pete, especially with Crazy Villian on the loose.

So Chompoo leaves and instead of going to give Ae the gift he got him, Pete tells Chompoo to tell Ae that he has to study and can’t have breakfast with him this morning.

-5 Pete -__-

So Pete goes home to be sad and leaves Ae feeling super moody and being mean to his friends. Ping and Bow recognize how moody Ae has been but don’t know why. Pond is still too busy thinking about Barista Girl. Ae goes back to his room and is texting Pete to see what’s really going on but Pete is making excuses and still pushing Chompoo on him. -5

Instead of simply not believeing that Ae has feelings for him, Pete just doesn’t want Ae to have to experience some of the hurt and pain he has experienced with being gay. He feels it will be better for Ae to be with a girl like Chompoo. It will most definitely be safer. And I mean…I feel for Pete. I really do. But Ae has made it clear that he likes him and he has never been shy in showing how much he cares about him even in front of his friends. So everything else should be a non-factor. But I suppose it’s just not that easy 🙁

So, now it’s the next evening. Ae, Pond, and Ping are waiting for Bow so they can all go into cheering practice together. Bow finally gets there and they all start chattering away but Ae isn’t really listening to them because he clearly has a lot on his mind.

Suddenly, Pete is about to pass by them and sees Ae. Ae locks eyes with him and we think they are finally about to speak again, right?

No. What does Pete do? He actually runs away. -10! Ugh!

But before I can get too mad at Pete, he finds a spot to be alone and tries to talk himself into getting up and going home. He has his own little monologue about how he should just forget about Ae despite how much it hurts to do so. And that no matter what, it’s better for Ae to be with a girl.

I know that this is supposed to be a sad scene and all, but I just can’t deal with Pete’s terrible fake crying. -2

Then Ae finds him and comes stomping over. And let it be known that Ae isn’t having any of this foolishness!

He straight up snatches Pete by the arm and drags him off to an open space. Not sure why they couldn’t just talk by the wall instead of dragging Pete out to an open field, but you know, whatever.

Ae is fired up and ready to know the truth. Remember, Ae thought they were back to liking each other again, but then suddenly Pete started keeping his distance again and avoiding Ae, then randomly texting him about Chompoo. So Ae is hurt, confused and on the verge of tears because he thought they already hashed this mess out and to him, it seems like Pete is acting like their kiss meant nothing.

At first, Pete still tries to lie and say that nothing is wrong and that there is nothing between them but Ae isn’t buying it. Finally Pete tells him that he should just like a girl like Chompoo. This pisses Ae off and he yells at him asking him why can’t he understand that he likes him more than a friend? There is nothing between him and Chompoo and never will be.

Then Pete breaks down and tells him that she shouldn’t like a gay guy like him. He shouldn’t allow people to call him a “faggot” like they did to him. It’s better to just be with a girl. By this time, Pete is crying again, Ae is crying now, and I’m holding back my own tears because Ae is so freakin believable and I’m terrible at watching people cry. +5 for Ae’s acting skills.

He pulls Pete into a hug because he finally gets it. He finally understands Pete’s fear and why he’s pushing him away.

Ae admits that he has no idea what Pete has gone through in the past, and maybe it’s true that he should be with a girl. But he likes Pete simply for being Pete and it has nothing to do with whether he is a girl or a guy. So in other words…

Ae isn’t going anywhere! +100

Ae’s unapologetic confidence gives me so much liiifffeee omg.

So anyway. After they get through all the sadness they go out and sit on the field under the lights. And guess who gets brave?? Pete. Pete finally tells Ae all the things he has been wanting him to know. Such as how he feels stronger and more confident around Ae and how Ae makes him feel brave. At times he feels jealous towards Chompoo because she is able to blatantly tell Ae that she likes him without fear. But since Pete is a boy, he feels that he can’t do that.

Then he comes right out and says it: “I like you, Ae. What should I do about it?”

And our sweet Ae answers all this with a kiss and tells him that he’s not going to apologize for kissing him this time. +50

They go home after this and Pete is back to writing lovely notes in his journal about Ae and it’s honestly the sweetest thing.

The translations are wrong. They are supposed to say, “I won’t stop liking you.”

But right before going to bed, he gets a message from Angry Tin and Tin lets him know that he received some information from the detective about Crazy Villian. So it’s looking like Crazy Villian is still relevant. -2

But yay for Pete and Angry Tin actually going to a detective instead of just letting what he did slip under the radar, so +10.

Now it’s the next day and Pete is looking online at those soccer cleates that he wants but can’t afford (no worries hunny, your baby Pete already bought them for you). But then his mind starts drifting and he starts daydreaming about Pete and his body and what his chest was looking like that night in his robe. He does the unexpected next, and out of curiosity starts to google sex between a man and a man.

It seems pretty dirty but it’s honestly the most innocent thing, in my opinion lol. When you’re curious about something and you don’t know anything about it, who do you turn to? Everyone’s best friend: Google, lol.

But in the middle of his search, Ping stops by to ask for some help for something. Before Ae can get back, Pond comes back to the room and like the loser that he is, the first thing he wants to do is watch porn. And instead of watching on his own computer, he tries to use Ae’s. But as soon as he opens the computer he sees Ae’s latest search and is stunned to silence.

Like, seriously. Why would you want to watch a porn on someone else’s computer? Especially when you know that person is not into watching porn?? Stupid Pond. -5

Ae comes back and sees him on his computer and comes close to ripping his head off. For the first time we actually see Ae embarressed. Even though I’m just as annoyed as he is by Pond, it’s cute to see him embaressed lol.

Now it’s the next day and he and Pete meet up to go to breakfast together. They are all giddy and giggly and awkward lol. When they get to breakfast, Pond is there with freakin Chompoo. Like ugghhhh girl go awaaayyyy. Ae immediately starts telling her that he told her not to wait for him and that it’s inappropriate for her to be waiting all morning at a university just for a guy and blah blah. But she starts smiling like an idiot and thinks Ae is scolding her because he cares about her.

No girl. He wants you to leave him alone. -5 for her darn persistence. But she eventually goes away because she has to rush to school before she misses homeroom. Good riddance.

But this whole time Pond has gone back to being Annoying Roommate making sex jokes and hinting at what Ae was researching the night before and it just makes me want to slap him. Pond is so annoyyiinnggg. -10

But anyway. Pond finally leaves to go get his breakfast and Ae goes to get his and Pete’s breakfast. When he comes back, he asks Pete why he has been carrying around a box and Pete finally gives him the gift he has been procrastinating giving for the past week. He tells Ae that it is a thank you gift for always helping him but Ae says he never expects anything in return and is looking like he won’t take the gift.

Pond comes back and hears this and helps Pete out by encouraging Ae to accept the gift because Pete has been wanting to give it to him for a long time now. Thanks for your help, Annoying Roommate. +2

But just like I thought, Ae wasn’t having it. He doesn’t want the shoes.

not pleased…

Even though he has been wanting the shoes, he knows how expensive they are. Ae doesn’t care how rich Pete is. He doesn’t do things for Pete because he is expecting things in return. So he tells Pete that if it was a small gift, he would accept it. But a pair of shoes that are 7000 baht (~230 USD) is a no go. He tells Pete that he will pay for the shoes. When Pete tries to protest, the look Ae gives him shuts him up immediately and even silences Pond. Wow.

Sheesh. Way to ruin the moment, Ae. -5

So of course this upsets Pete, and after breakfast he goes off to be alone. But Pond follows him and talks to him like a normal person without cracking sex jokes, and offers him some encouragement. It’s actually a really nice moment between them and I’m proud of Pond for being mature for once. +10

But it turns out ChaiAim (Barista Girl) was sitting behind him the whole time and heard everything he was saying.

They have their little banter which pretty much cements that they are going to develop into something more. And we’re off to the next scene.

Ae is out at soccer practice and Pete has come to watch from the stands. Angry Tin comes to meet Pete in the stands so he can give him the information about Crazy Villian that he got back from the detective. Before he gives the info though, he’s pressuring Pete to tell him why he knows such a person. Pete is trying not to tell him but Angry Tin is just all around being an aggressive nuisance.

Ae sees them talking and sees Tin all up in Pete’s face so he drags Pete off and asks him whats up. He knows that Pete has something to say to him anyway because he knows that he left breakfast upset earlier. Pete tells the truth about how he felt about Ae refusing his gift and Ae tells him why he scolded him: he doesn’t want him to get in the habit of buying material gifts for people just because they are nice to him. Ae also wants Pete to value his money more.

One thing I’m liking with Ae and Pete is that they don’t let things fester for too long. They end up talking things out sooner rather than later so that there are no misunderstandings. Kudos to a healthy relationship! +20

Cut back to Angry Tin and he’s out causing a ruckus on the soccer field. He approaches Can and asks him what the status of Pete and Ae’s relationship is. In general he wants to know how close they are. Can thinks it’s because he has feelings for Pete and is jealous so he starts rubbing it in Tin’s face how much they hang out.

But Then Angry Tin calls them and what they are doing together disgusting. And Can – our precious, annoying Can – straight up punches him in the face and tells him not to talk s**t about his friends.

I normally don’t condone violence but….yes Can! LET. HIM. KNOW! +30

Angry Tin is in so much shock about being socked in the mouth all he can do is just stare. The soccer captains come running over to try and get Can under control and after a few moments, Tin walks away leaving Can screaming after him.

*sigh*… I know Can and Tin are supposed to develop into a romantic relationship but I seriously don’t like Tin.

So Angry Tin goes home and stands in front of the mirror, plotting his revenge like a villian, talking about some, “I’ll prove how fragile the relationship is! Without money you’re nothing!” and yah yah yahh.

Shut up, Tin.

And Can goes home and tries to put a curse on Tin by burning salt and dried chillies lollll. I think we all know this curse is a failure. Can’s sister stops him from stinking up the house with the smoke anyway lol.

Cut to a brief scene and we meet Tum again, the guy who is in love with his step brother, Tar. Tar has returned to Thailand from abroad and Tum is getting him from the airport. Tum is so excited to see him again that as soon as he gets off the plane, he attacks him with a game of 20 questions.

It’s a nice but brief reunion and then they go home.

“the love of my life has returned!”

And well, that’s where this episode ends! We got off to a rocky start in this episode with the points but let’s tally it up, shall we?

Random Points Counter:

  • Ae’s unceasing honesty +2
  • Chompoo still pressed about Ae being her boyfriend -10
  • Chompoo telling Pete to talk to Ae about her -5
  • Pete not having breakfast with Ae anymore -5
  • Pete still pushing Chompoo on Ae -5
  • Pete running away from Ae when he sees him -10
  • Pete having no tears when he cries -2
  • Ae being believable when he cries +5
  • Ae telling Pete he likes him and he’s here to stay +100
  • AePete kiss under the lights on the field +50
  • Crazy Villian still relevant? -2
  • Pete and Tin going to a detective about Crazy Villian +10
  • Pond snooping on Ae’s computer -5
  • Chompoo making another appearance at the university -5
  • Pond making more sex jokes -10
  • Pond helping Pete give the gift +2
  • Ae ruining gift giving moment -5
  • Pond encouraging Pete after failed gift giving +10
  • Ae and Pete talking things out and not staying angry +20
  • Can busting Angry tin’s lip +30

Total: 165

Hopefully that total is correct. Math was never my friend. Like I said, we started off rocky, so this episode didn’t end up with too many points.

If you’re new to my recaps, start from the beginning!

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**UPDATE (Aug. 14, 2020)** I will most likely not be finishing these recaps. I am just not sure how I feel about season 2 anymore. I’ve seen some things online that I don’t like too much and have heard some rumors about what season 2 is going to focus on. My excitement for season 2 has dwindled and it’s made me not care about finishing these recaps anymore. I apologize to anyone who was waiting for me to finish :/

***UPDATE (Sept. 7, 2020)*** I have watched the first episode of season 2 and I will definitely not be continuing on with the new season. I figured season 2 was going to focus on Tin and Can but things are weird. Tin and Can’s storyline has been reset while everyone else’s storyline is the same as their previous timeline. Tin is just as mean and unlikable as before and Can is even more annoying than in season 1. He’s louder, he talks more, and he’s sooooooooo. freakin. dramatic! My favorite character was Ae and his storyline seems to be one of depression and constant crying because Pete was written out of the series as a break up. I also don’t like the fact that there are so many new faces in the show. People have either been recast or their characters have been axed from the show completely and replaced with new characters with unfamiliar names. I just can’t deal. I’m not liking it at all and won’t be watching. So unfortunate because season 1 really was so good 🙁

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