[Why R U] Episode 2 Recap

Hello hello my darlings 🙂 I’m back with the second recap for Why R U The Series. This episode pretty much just felt like filler until near the end but I’ll go over all of that. So let’s get started!

Episode 2 picks up exactly where episode 1 leaves off, with Zon staring at Tharn and Type in complete bafflement. After a very weird and uncomfortable staring contest, Type finally asks Zon if he’s okay.

Zon is internally freaking out because he thought Tharn and Type were a fictional couple. He eventually stops being shocked long enough to ask if they study at the university. They say yea but the whole thing is so dragged out and strange that I’m getting uncomfortable just watching it. Tharn and Type keep exchanging glances at each other and looking at Zon like he’s crazy. But I have to say that I find it weird that Tharn and Type are acting like this when they are the ones that approached Zon in the first place. -2

Like…who comes up to someone and just stares at them like this?? So freakin weird..

Another thing that makes this whole exchange super uncomfortable is the fact that they are looking straight into the camera as they speak and I absolutely hate it. -5

So Zon tells them that he’s not familiar with their faces then proceeds to ask them if they are “together”. Then Type starts being an over-the-top douche bag that jumps to conclusions, getting all big and bad and rude because he assumes that Zon has a crush on Tharn. Like, why is that the first thing that comes to your mind, Type? Where did that even come from?? Out of all the supposed “growth” that people claim you had in your own series, you’re still an insecure and jealous jerk? Okay. -10

Zon doesn’t know how to respond to this stupid accusation because he’s still thinking that he has somehow wound up in his sister’s story. So he just stumbles off in a daze, leaving Tharn and Type standing there.

Then Type walks off all mad and jealous because Tharn was nice to Zon so Tharn starts to baby him and talk to him all sweetly. Then they chat for some more minutes, taking up precious screen time. Honestly, it’s the most stupidest thing and they are obviously only here for face value and to draw in the TharnType fans. Their entire scene is completely pointless and adds absolutely nothing to progress the story along. I’m bored with them. -10

Anyway. Cue the theme song!

*sings theme song*

We are now at the library with Tutor and his friend Day. Tutor is supposed to be meeting up with Hwa later on and the mere mention of her name makes Day’s ears stand up. He seems nervous and unsure about himself but he finally musters up the courage to ask Tutor if he likes Hwa more than just a friend. They spend so much time together and Tutor really cares about her and does absolutely everything she wants so Day wants to know the truth.

Tutor assures him that they are just friends and it would be hard to see her in any other way due to the fact that they grew up together. That is why they have such a close bond. Then Day says something that I found to be very awkward. He tells Tutor that it’s good that he doesn’t like Hwa because it would probably be very hard to watch her date other guys and never be the chosen one. Tutor kind of just nods his head and says, “mmm” and then the conversation ends.

Image result for confused gif"

I can’t be the only one that found this part of the conversation awkward and strange, can I? And it’s so obvious that Day has secret feelings for Hwa, which is why he asked if Tutor liked her. So why would he even say something like that? You haven’t been the “chosen one” either, buddy!

Anyway, Saifah joins them. Day is a little vexed that Saifah didn’t show up to class even though he saved a seat for him. Then he shares the news that the Cute Boy fanclub show is collaborating with the Football Club news. I’m not sure why this is important information, but we’re off to the next scene anyway. Again, such an awkward ending to a scene! The directors need to get it together with these strange scene endings. -2

To keep it short for this next scene, some kind of way, people are voting on their favorite “cute boy” and pairing them together for “favorite hypothetical university couple” or something silly like that. Saifah and Zon are in the lead. Only, Zon is not actually in the Cute Boy club. But people are voting for him due to his sister’s Y fiction of him and Saifah.

Left: Soda, Right: Luktarn > filming for the cute boy chemistry show

Then before they can finish, Natee and Junior come and interrupt them, telling people to vote for them, and Junior is not so subtley trying to flirt with Soda. I’m guessing Junior and Natee are the Football club portion of this tragic filming collaboration. The whole thing is one big hot mess and I don’t even really know what’s going on or what the point of the scene is.

Then we jump to meet yet another character that we are not formally introduced to. His name is never said but I’m sure we’ll get more of him later on in the series. So, let’s move on for now.

Natee and Junior loudly make their way to their next class. They meet up with the rest of the crew and a little while later, Zon comes in. He is visibly upset and is not speaking to anyone so his buddies are super confused as to what is going on with him.

While they are speculating about what could be wrong, Zon is completely zoned out. That is, until in walks another guest appearance. Fuse from Make It Right and soon after, his boyfriend Tee.

Zon is once again going into shock because these two are characters that he has seen from his sister. So his mind sends him into a flashback and he remembers seeing his sister draw the two of them on her tablet. He asked her who they are and she said that she made them up and they are protagonists in her Y-novel.


Of course this sends Zon’s mind reeling and he just can’t handle it. So he screams out his frustration right there in the middle of class.

This makes the professor angry and he feels like no one is even listening to his lecture so he dismisses the class early and everyone runs out, overjoyed. Tee and Fuse are one of the first to leave the class and Zon quickly packs up his things to follow them.

In the hallway, Tee and Fuse are being all soft and romantic with each other by literally acting out a scene from Make It Right. Instead of finding it cute, I cringed. It’s soooooo cheesy omg lollll. And it makes me feel even more like the writers and director have only placed these other characters in this series for face value.

So Zon follows them into the hallway and ruins their moment by asking if they study there at the university.

Tee finds this to be a stupid question and tells Zon that if they didn’t, he wouldn’t be seeing them right now. Then he says something snarky along the lines of “use your brain, dummy” and walks away.

Just kidding, he wasn’t that rude but he was mean enough.

Fuse comes over to Zon and apologizes to him for his boyfriend’s behavior. Tee has been moody lately for some reason. Zon is surprised that Fuse admits straight out that Tee is his boyfriend. But Fuse walks away after Tee, leaving Zon standing there in a daze.

Next scene, we are back with Tutor. He is finishing up a tutoring session with one of his high school girls but before he can finish, Sai Fah joins them. Tutor is trying to get the girl to go home but she becomes all starstruck when she sees Sai Fah so she takes a long time packing her things up to leave.

Finally she leaves and Tutor gets a call from Hwa telling him that she is on her way. We switch to Hwa in the car with Fighter and he asks her why Tutor teaches so much.

And homegirl wastes no time at all blasting all of Tutor’s business!!

This is something that I absolutely haaaattteeee with the utmost passion. YOU DO NOT SHARE PEOPLE’S PRIVATE INFORMATION. That is Tutor’s life and it’s his business to tell. No one else’s! No matter how close you are, you keep your mouth shut.

She literally tells Fighter everything about how he is having financial troubles, how his house was sold last year, how his family moved away and now he has to support himself. How he was going to drop out of school because he couldn’t afford it. I mean, everyyythhiinnngg. She told everything, yall, and I am literally so mad right now. -50

Then goes even further and starts meddling in Tutor’s and Fighter’s business. Apparently Fighter is not doing well in his English class but Tutor tutors English. So now she wants Fighter to start taking lessons with Tutor so that he can pass his class and Tutor can earn more money.

Liiikkee, girl! It’s. Not. Your. Business!

Of course he says ‘no’ but she is really trying to press the issue, telling Fighter that he should pity Tutor and take lessons with him.

Seriously, Hwa? -10

For this next scene, I’m keeping it short. She and Fighter find where Tutor and Sai Fah are sitting and she’s being overly bubbly and happy, pretending that she does not feel the awkwardness between everyone. She’s trying to get all of them to go out together but no one wants to for obvious reasons. They don’t like each other. And poor Sai Fah just wants to get away from the tension and weirdness.

She is practically forcing them to go out together and starts whining like a disgusting little brat until they all agree. It honestly makes me want to punch all of them because all the guys do absolutely everything she wants even though they clearly don’t want to. And I find it deplorable that when someone tells her no, she tries to throw it back in their face that they don’t care about her and they’re not really friends.

Really, girl? Really?? What are you, 5 years old? -50

This episode is really not getting off to a great start. The points counter is so far into the negatives we might not make it out.

So anyway, things only get worse from here. After forcing them all into Fighter’s car, the arguing and tension increases and Hwa gets mad at them talking about some, “why can’t you guys be intimate with each other? why do you have to hate each other?’ and blah blah blah.

Be careful what you wish for, girl, because you’re about to end your own relationship and I don’t feel bad for you.

So after all that, Tutor ends up leaving and then she turns her anger on Fighter, accusing him of being jealous of her relationship with Tutor. Then.

THEN!! This girl makes me lose any and all respect I had for her. Which, trust me, it wasn’t much to begin with.

You mean to tell me that you will WILLINGLY cast aside your relationship with a person you have grown up with and consider a brother for a guy you’ve barely been dating for six months?

Image result for walk out gif"

I’m literally so disgusted that I no longer care about what happens to her in this series. What a horrible friend this girl is.

And poor Sai Fah!! He’s still trapped in the back seat while Hwa and Fighter are screaming their heads off at each other. Then after all that screaming, Hwa drops the L-word and tells Fighter that she has been doing all of this because she loves him.

Girl, please.

Of course he doesn’t say it back because he doesn’t love her.

Cue the next scene and we are meeting even more new characters. Captains of the football team: Japan, Champ, and Dew.

Junior and Tanthai are newbies on the team. The entire scene is short and serves just to get us familiar with the soccer players. They briefly discuss fundraising, being in the starting lineup for their games, and where the heck Sai Fah is. Then they dismiss and leave, but I’m confused because didn’t soccer practice just start?

Junior is just as confused as I am.

Then we make our way back to Zon who still hasn’t gotten a grip on life just yet. He’s lost in thought and can’t stop asking himself what is happening to him.

*what’s the meaning of my existence??*

Then Tutor finds him and Zon starts freaking out and telling Tutor that he thinks he’s trapped in a BL fiction. Tutor thinks he’s absolutely lost it so he takes him to go sit down so they can talk calmly. +2 for Tutor not calling him crazy to his face even though he probably thinks he is lol.

Product advertisement anyone?

They chat briefly with Tutor telling Zon that he thinks he is overthinking things and that there is no way he can be in his sister’s fiction. Tutor tells him he will walk him home and wraps his arm around Zon’s shoulders. But Zon is still too uptight about everything that is happening so he tells Tutor that they can walk home but he can’t touch him. He then proceeds to take Tutor’s hand off of him lol.

Zon is really being so ridiculous I feel sorry for him lol.

Later on at home, Zen texts Zon and tells him to check the Cute Boy fanpage on facebook so he does. Zon finds out that he and Sai Fah have the most votes. Whoever wins this little poll are to perform in a singing competition for the football club. I am assuming that this singing competition is what the fundraiser is they were talking about in their brief team meeting.

Zon feels like this is proof that he is not going crazy and that strange things really are happening ever since he made that pact with his sister.

The next morning, Sai Fah is standing in a long line for the elevator and for some strange reason, everyone is asking to get in front of him. And being super nice, he keeps saying yes to everyone. Then when he gets to the last person, he tries to say yes before they can ask. Only, they weren’t going to ask because the person is Zon. And Sai Fah is all too happy to see him lol.

So Sai Fah nudges him playfully and says hi. Zon thinks this is weird and nudges him back while saying hi. Sai Fah is shocked that he nudged him back so he nudges him again and says hi…again lol. By this time Zon is weirded out and tries to nudge him harder. Only problem is, he can’t reach Sai Fah’s shoulders because Sai Fah is 7 feet tall and Zon is a tiny fairy.

*Hey there!*
*Pffft. Don’t nudge me*
*Hey there* take 2

But before they can really get into it with each other, two girls approach them and ask for a picture of them. Sai Fah is all gung-ho about it while Zon doesn’t want to get his picture taken and wants to know why they want it.

After some back and forth with Sai, the girls agree not to take the picture since Zon is uncomfortable. But before leaving, they let the boys know that they have voted for them as the imaginary couple of their university.

Zon tries to let the girls know that they don’t feel comfortable taking that position but Sai Fah loves getting under Zon’s skin and playing along with this fake couple thing. Zon is absolutely horrified at this but the two girls are eating it all up and falling for them as a couple even harder.

*I said don’t touch me!*

Then the girls leave to get on the elevator and everyone else that was lined up behind them gets on the elevator too. Zon tries to run after it but he misses it and gets angry. Sai Fah still messes around with him because he clearly likes making Zon sweat. It’s honestly the funniest scene so far in the episode.

Later that evening, Tutor goes to work at that cute cafe again. He ends up working a late shift and agrees to close of the cafe when he is finished. But before he leaves for the night, he bakes a cute cake for Hwa because apparently it’s her birthday. She threw this random statement in his face when he didn’t want to hang with her and Fighter.

I wasn’t even sure if she was telling the truth about her birthday or if she was just saying it so that Tutor and Fighter can get closer and spend some time together. Either way, the girl is having a party and everyone is invited. Yay.

So anyway, Tutor arrives at the party with Day. Fighter arrives not too long after they do and things are very obviously still tense between him and Tutor. Tutor just doesn’t want to be around him and honestly, I can’t blame him. Fighter is just…mean. And if he treated me in the past how he treated Tutor, I wouldn’t want to be around him either.

As soon as they walk in the party, one of Hwa’s friends pulls them all in and starts barking orders. She tells Fighter to be the one to give Hwa the cake, Day is to go with her to do something else, and Tutor is to go with Fighter. Tutor does not like this. He should be the one to give Hwa the cake because he made it specially for her. Fighter didn’t. But nobody gets a chance to say much because the girl is pushy, just like Hwa. -2

Anyway, Fighter and Tutor go off to prepare the cake by putting candles on it. As they work, Fighter is playing around and Tutor is fussing at him and talking to him very harshly. At first, Fighter was ignoring it but eventually he asks Tutor what is it that’s really bothering him.

Tutor says no but he still says it real harsh so Fighter jumps to the same conclusion that apparently everyone thinks now. Is he mad because he likes Hwa more than just a friend? But Tutor is adamant that he does not like Hwa romantically. He then proceeds to tell Fighter that he wouldn’t understand what a friendship like this would feel like because he’s never had a real friend.

When Tutor turns around to grab something from the shelf behind him, Fighter suddenly grabs him and wraps his arms around him. Tutor starts freaking out because he doesn’t want Fighter touching him. Plus, people can possibly see them and get the wrong idea. And I mean, let’s be honest. Why the heck did Fighter do this anyway? lol. It’s mad weird and random. Then he starts acting like he’s gonna kiss him, just to finally grab a cup off the shelf behind them and say “what? I was only grabbing a cup.”

Boy, please. You’re gay. Just admit it.

Tutor is very obviously flustered after this and picks up the cake to get ready to give to Hwa. Then he remembers that Fighter is supposed to be the one to do it so he goes back to being mad lol. But Fighter tells him to give Hwa the cake and walks away.

Hwa is up dancing on a table when Tutor, Fighter, and Day walk over with the cake. Hwa gets all shy and giddy when she sees the cake. She blows out the candles and Tutor gives her his birthday wish of much happiness. Then she looks at Fighter waiting on him to say something nice but he doesn’t lolllll.

I’m sorry to laugh but the whole thing is soooo awkward! That’s literally the one word that describes this whole episode. Awkward.

Everyone is silent, waiting on someone to say something next, and Day is even recording the whole thing. But still, Fighter stands there with his mouth glued shut with nothing to say because he has no romantic feelings for Hwa. I personally know how hard it is to come up with something nice to say to someone that you don’t really care about. But on the other hand, I would never get into a relationship with someone I don’t like so it’s hard to feel bad for him.

But Hwa is so darn pushy and demanding, she could have forced the relationship. We’ll never know.

So anyway, Hwa’s friend pulls her away to get back to partying and Day continues to film her dancing for a short while. Then he turns the camera to himself and records himself saying happy birthday to her. Again, he obviously likes her.

So let’s just set this up quickly. Hwa and Fighter need to break up. Then Day can go after Hwa and give her all the attention she wants. Then Fighter will be free to come to terms with his feelings for Tutor. Tutor seems to just be trapped in the middle of all this, poor thing.

Later on in the night, Hwa is feeling down in the dumps because she feels like Fighter is ruining things with his dismissive attitude. She tries to ignore it and chat it up with her friends. Day was waiting for a chance to talk to her so when she leaves Fighter, he wiggles his way over to try and talk. The whole time they are talking, Fighter is looking at Tutor like this,

There is a guy literally sliding into your girlfriend’s DMs right behind you and you’re blinded by Tutor? Lolllll +10

But he realizes that he is staring, tries to shake his feelings away, then gets up to go outside for some air. When Hwa sees him leave, she goes over to Tutor and becomes annoyingly pushy again to get Tutor to go talk to Fighter for her. Why she can’t do it herself, I’ll never understand. You meddle in other people’s business then can’t handle your own problems. Smh wow.

Anyway. Tutor finds Fighter outside all by himself and tries talking to him. Fighter feels like it’s not necessary for him to be at the party because Hwa is having so much fun with her friends. (*ahem* that’s code for, he doesn’t want to be there anyway.) But Tutor tries to tell him that she wants him there and even though they are not together yet, he should still take care of her if they are dating. If he doesn’t like her, then why not let her go?

So I guess they are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. All the better! Stop dating Hwa and move on to Tutor, please and thank you lol.

I normally don’t condone getting together with ex-boyfriends or ex-dating partners of friends, but there is nothing I can do about that because this series was written for Tutor and Fighter, and Sai Fah and Zon. So let’s just stop dragging it out and get on with it. Yes? Yes. Great. Moving on.

After Tutor tells Fighter that he should let Hwa go if he doesn’t like her, Fighter accuses him again of liking Hwa more than just a friend. Tutor accuses him back of only dating Hwa because he is hiding something. When Fighter asks him what he could possibly be hiding, Tutor gets all in his face and tells him he thinks he’s gay.

So bold. So brazen.

I love it! +20

Fighter starts getting all worked up because Tutor won’t stop saying that he likes boys. So he gets up in Tutor’s face too and says, “Oh, I like boys huh? You mean like this?” Then he grabs Tutor’s face before Tutor can even blink and kisses him smack on the lips!

Image result for ahhhh gif"

Fighter! Like…WHAT?? Lol Yes like that! That’s exactly what he meant and you know it lolllllll.

So that’s where this episode ends unfortunately. I’m definitely curious about where things will go in the next episode after that kiss. In terms of points, it’s not looking too good for this episode. The first third of it was just dumb and nothing got interesting until the end. But let’s tally it all up anyway.

Random Points Counter:

  • Tharn and Type acting weird -2
  • Tharn and Type looking into the camera as they speak -5
  • Type still being an insecure and jealous jerk -10
  • Type and Tharn’s pointless scene -10
  • Strange, awkward scene endings -2
  • Hwa telling Fighter all of Tutor’s business -50
  • Hwa telling Fighter to pity Tutor -10
  • Then telling Fighter that she will stay away from Tutor for him -50
  • Tutor finally calming Zon down +2
  • Hwa’s friend being as pushy as she is -2
  • Fighter staring at Tutor while someone is flirting with Hwa +10
  • Tutor’s boldness telling Fighter he’s gay +20
  • FighterTutor kiss +100

Total: -9

Image result for smh gif"

We’ve gotta do better, yall. It’s gotta get better lol

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  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    I’m sorry, but if these creators think that they are going to pull me in to watch this drama because they are shoving couples from other popular dramas into it like Tharn and Type, then they are sadly mistakenly. So far I haven’t seen or heard anything about this that piques my curiosity.

    They have to make the drama stand on it’s own merits if they want me to watch it. I am very picky about the dramas that I will give my time too. And this one doesn’t come off as interesting to me.

    • Anais Naiim

      Understandable. I thought the idea of possibly falling into a fictional story could be funny, which is why I’m watching the show. I also wanted to see Saint exercise his acting chops. So far I like him in this better than I liked him in Love By Chance. As for the guest appearances of the other couples, I couldn’t care any less that I already do. Their cameos are so completely pointless.

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