[Theory of Love] Episode 3

So just like I feared, things between Third and Khai were too good to be true. Third is all moved in with Khai and they have become very comfortable. I mean, they are already close friends, but now that they live together they are pretty much acting just like a married couple. Khai buys all the stuff for the apartment while Third does all the cooking and cleaning. Super domestic and whatnot.

I new something was up when Khai said he wasn’t going to date around anymore. I mentioned that he kinda put all the blame on the types of girls he was dating but completely ignored the fact that he is the one who chose those girls in the first place. And he wasn’t any better than they were anyway. But already, when things are going so well between him and Third, Khai brings another girl home.

What really and truly sucked about it was that Third was cooking dinner for the two of them and all of a sudden Khai pretty much starts acting like Third is his maid. He automatically expects Third to cook more food for this girl he has brought home unannounced. He expects Third to jump up and go get desert after dinner. And he expects him to clean up everything after the dinner.

Like, wtf??

Like I said in one of my other reviews, Khai is not even a good friend. This is not something I would do to my friend. If I live there too, then the house chores and responsibilities get taken care of together. Not just by one person. And to make it all even worse! Khai then kicks Third out because he wants to spend some alone time with this girl that he claims is a “good girl”. Of course he is insinuating that he is going to have sex with this girl.

Where the heck has this new Khai gone? I thought he was done with relationships. I thought he wanted better for himself. Smh. And his explanation? He’s only doing what Two mentioned (in the last episode) that he should find someone close to him that has a good head on their shoulders. Of course, Two meant Third. But dense Khai didn’t get it. Stupid…just stupid.

And to add even more salt to the wound, Khai gives Third a handful of money and tells him to go find something to occupy his time and he’ll text him when the girl leaves. What an insult! And do you think Khai ever texts him? Nope! And he ignores his calls alllllll night!

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*Actual image of me being angry at Khai*

And after ditching that girl because she turned out to be a possessive and crazy stalker, Khai soon reveals that he would much rather go back to his old ways. Hit it and quit it. No strings attached. And of course this hurts Third but Khai doesn’t know it.

Ugh! I just want Third to stop putting up with all this! I understand you like him but it’s not worth this. Third is basically being a masochist right now.

And that girl turns out to be really crazy because one morning when Third is home alone, she barges in the house and goes on a wild rampage, demanding to know where the heck Khai is. She was literally so wild and aggressive.

Because of all the drama and constantly being hurt emotionally, Third tells Two that he thinks he should move out. Now that he lives with Khai, he sees other things and it all hurts him worse than before because it’s a constant reminder that Khai will never see Third as more than just a friend. But ever the masochist, Third changes his mind and chooses to stay.

“I care about you more than girls. With girls, I use my body. But with you I use my heart.”


Khai tells Third this twice. Once when he’s sober, and again when he’s drunk. He also drunkenly tells Third that he loves him. Needless to say, all of this is what truly made Third change his mind. He’s aware that Khai might do something to unknowingly hurt him again. But he is willing to stick around and keep trying.

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I feel for Third. Really I do. But I wish he just wouldn’t put up with all the things that he puts up with 🙁 Khai doesn’t know that Third likes him so he is just living his life. Third is really the one that is hurting himself. He could just tell Khai his feelings and put an end to this or he could just move on and find someone else. But we all know he won’t or else there won’t be a series to watch.

Well, that’s all for episode three. Two and Bone had some screen time in this episode but I don’t really feel like it’s worth going into too much detail. The lady that came to Bone’s cafe, he’s head over heels for her already and has been waiting every single day for her to to come back to the shop. As for Two, he also secretly likes one of his old high school friends named Lynn. But he’s waited too long and someone else has snatched her up.

So far, I am enjoying this series enough to continue watching. I still think that Gun is the best actor out of all the actors on this show. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: He’s the one actually carrying this show. He makes me want to watch more because he does so well at showcasing emotions. I believe him when he acts.

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