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My Favorite BL Couples

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is offically over and I want to start the new year on this blog by sharing some of my favorite BL couples with you all. Now, this is not my favorites for the year 2019 only. These are my all-time favorite couples from dramas and movies I have completed, in no particular order.

When compiling this list for myself, I have realized something. I seem to grow an attachment to couples where both or at least one of them love unapologetically with their whole heart. They only have one person on their mind and even if being with this person is new territory for them, they are almost uncontrollable when showcasing their passion towards the other, and are determined to be with them despite anything that might try to tear them apart.

Despite any fears, and maybe even being rejected by the other, they choose to go after them anyway (in a healthy way!). And once they are together, they are completely committed to each other and we viewers don’t have to worry about any type of infidelity.

I seem to also really like couples that are complete opposites of each other too as you’ll see below. But hey…opposites attract, right?

Honesty, loyalty, passion, and fluffiness. That’s what I like. And these are some couples that I feel encompass that. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Arthit & Kongpob (SOTUS: The series)

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SOTUS: The Series was the show that catipulted me into the world of BL. I watched this series as it aired weekly and I remember squealing, squirming, and grinning like an idiot while watching, which is something I NEVER do despite what this blog might make you think. I’m actually quite stoic while watching dramas but SOTUS actually turned me into a huge fangirl.

I fell in love with the cat-and-mouse relationship between Kongpob and Arthit. Arthit tries to come off as this big and bad, serious guy but he completely melts and turns into a ball of fluff around Kongpob. Not to mention, he is actually really romantic! He does things that just make my heart swell with happiness.

What makes me love Kongpob so much is how unashamed he was at pursuing Arthit. He truly has no fear of showing Arthit how much he loves him. The fact that they are polar opposites just works for them. I love their chemistry together and they will always remain one of my faves.

Golf & Bank (My Bromance: The movie)

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This relationship is one of hate-to-love. Hate-to-love is one of my favorite tropes in both dramas/movies and books when it’s done correctly. And this was done correctly. I understood the feelings of both boys in this film and I think both actors portrayed their characters perfectly. I believed their emotions and I believed in their love despite their young ages.

The fact that they could confront their parents about it while being so young made me love this couple even more. Despite how things ended in this first movie, their love for each other was real and I wanted more of them. They were so pure and honest that it made my chest ache.

There is a series remake of this movie. Things are different and certain elements were added and changed. I prefer the movie because of the impact it left on me. I just felt more with these two and this particular story line, however messed up it might be. But good actors do that to you, I guess.

Shino & Seryou (Seven Days)

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This is actually a couple I don’t hear too much about but their story is still one of my favorites. They start out randomly, almost like a game, but they end up falling headlong for each other. This couple’s relationship probably starts out with the most fear out of all the couples I have listed. And not fear from all the usual things like society and family; but fear from their own emotions, which was a new thing for me in BL.

Seryou, although a thoughtful and caring boyfriend, still doesn’t know what to make of his feelings for Shino as Shino is the first guy he’s ever dated. Shino on the other hand, falls quickly and even admits to being scared about feeling like this. But their responses to each other is what really made me love them and we are left knowing that despite their fears, they are going to give it their all. So yes, yes, and yes!

Takumi & Gii (Takumi-kun series)

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Takumi and Gii together is everything I love in on-screen relationships. Although shy and quiet, Takumi is loyal, respectful, and caring. Gii belongs to him, and that’s all that matters. Gii is protective, loving, and understanding. Together they give a domestic couple type of vibe but in a very endearing way.

The movies are quite slow moving – one might even say boring – but they are charming and leave an impression that keeps you thinking of these two. Even through the hardships in school they experienced together, they fought through it all. I like this couple because they never gave up on each other no matter what happened between them.

I think I like these two so much because they feel real. They give you the feeling that even though they are a fictional couple, they still exist somewhere out there and they are happy. Maybe that’s a silly way to think, but that’s how I feel.

Ae & Pete (Love By Chance)

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Ae & Pete were an instant like for me lol. They are complete opposites but they love each other anyway. Where Ae is passionate and completely unapologetic in his feelings for Pete, Pete is soft and fearful. But they work simply because Ae doesn’t give up. He is confident in who he is as a person and helps Pete come out of his personal shell.

I love couples that help one another grow and these two did that. Pete exposed Ae to the unpleasant side of being gay due to his past experiences. Since Pete is the first guy that Ae has ever liked, the neagtive things that happen to gays never cross his mind. But Pete told him about these things causing Ae to understand Pete’s fear. And in return, Ae helped Pete gain some confidence in who he is as a person. If there are things about yourself that you can’t change, accept them and love them, because how can anyone else accept them if even you won’t?

I loved the contrast between these two. Pete was a soft squishy bean which served for cutesy purposes but Ae embodied a fiery masculine energy that I was liiiivvinngg for. They worked well together and I heart them.

Zi Xuan & Yu Hao (HIStory 2 – Crossing The Line)

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Yu Hao is another fiery guy that gets jealous easily and is known to be a trouble maker. Zi Xuan is a studious bookworm but also a former all-state volleyball player. This is another case of opposites attracts where one person is hesitant and fearful while the other is head first in love and wants nothing else but to be with the other.

The on-screen chemistry between these two is so believble that sometimes I can see why people start to ship them in real life. They work well together and truly know how to portray the emotions of their characters.

Even though Yu Hao doesn’t always think before he acts, he knows what it is he wants and he goes after it. He acts on his emotions first and suffers the consequences later. Zi Xuan is much more practical in his approach to just about anything. He plans and asks questions first, takes action later. But this is also what makes him such a good assistant coach and team manager.

I guess I don’t have much else to add. These two just work for me and I wanted more of them after the series ended.

Hao Ting & Xi Gu (HIStory 3 – Make Our Days Count)

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Okay so this series is definitely still fresh in my mind but they have become a favorite anyway. The last “opposites attract” couple on my list is Hao Ting and Xi Gu. Xi Gu is quiet, cold, studious, a loner, and a hard worker. Hao Ting on the other hand is loud, rambunctious, extroverted, and doesn’t care much about school at all. This series displays my beloved hate-to-love trope and it is done so well!

I am a person who would not like someone like Hao Ting if this were real life. He is too loud and too outgoing for me. But I could feel myself warming up and growing to like Hao Ting at the same time that Xi Gu was, and this is what made it so real for me.

Hao Ting is someone that embodies the word unapologetic. He has no cares in the world. He knows who he is as a person and what he wants and he chooses to go after it without any fear of what could go wrong. Hao Ting is hotheaded when he wants to be, cheesy at other times, but he is also extremely romantic and caring. And when it comes to loving Xi Gu, he is fiery, instense, and so darn lustful and passionate that there were moments where I felt like I should cover my eyes and give them privacy lol.

Xi Gu is small and quiet. And even though he has good reasons for being so closed off, it was so heart warming to see him slowly open up to Hao Ting and not only gain a friend but someone that he loves and who loves him in return. When it comes to showing his desire for Hao Ting, where Hao Ting was intense and passionate, Xi Gu is gentle and intentional. He takes it slowly as if he is cherishing the moment.

But seeing these two opposites collide on screen is, at times, quite breathtaking. The chemistry is off the charts. I believed them and I wanted more of them. Their happiness together felt so pure and honest and I didn’t want it to end.

Wrap up

SO! That’s all for this blog post. Are any of these your favorites? If so, please share. While I do have some others that I like, these are the ones that I think about a lot and whose series or movies I would rewatch over and over again despite any sad endings.

Until next time 🙂

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