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[Review] Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu

Hello fangirl friends! I’m back with another review and it’s the very first anime review on this blog. I am not huge into anime but I have been trying to get more into it because people say it’s so good. Even my dad watches the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Besides Sailor Moon and maybe the first 10 episodes of One Piece, I am a total newbie when it comes to any kind of anime.

When poking around the forums that I am a part of, this was an anime that was recommended. It’s fairly new. Its manga version was released as 5 volumes back in 2013 and it wasn’t made into an anime until October 2018, with it’s last episode airing at the end of December. This anime is a BL/Yaoi (I don’t really know what the difference is).

This anime follows Takato Saijo and Junta Azumaya, two good looking actors. Takato is a 28 year old veteran actor who has held the title of “most huggable” (which really means “sexiest man”) for five years in a row. But on his way to claiming the title for the sixth year, he is out-voted and Junta, who is a rookie in the acting industry, gets the title and Takato gets second place. Takato is shook to the core about it and very obviously bitter. After all, how can a three year rookie steal his spot??

Takato claims that he does not care about the title but vows to win the best actor award instead. Takato is a very brusque/blunt and slightly cold person but people can’t help but find him charming. He is very confident in who he is and his skills….that is, until he meets Junta Azumaya face to face. The coincidence of all coincidences: they have to work together for a new movie filming and they are co-stars.

Junta is a young (early 20’s), vibrant person with a cheerful and bright demeanor and is excited to be working so close to Takato. He has looked up to him for years and takes all of his acting advice seriously. But there is something that Takato does not know. Junta is in love with him and has been ever since they worked together on a show a couple years prior. Junta played a small role so Takato does not remember him. Now that they are together again, Junta is not going to let Takato slip away again.

Cue the shenanigans!

I found this anime to be really funny actually, and I was not expecting that. I thought it was going to be a super sexy BL due to some clips I saw beforehand and was actually a little skeptical going into it. I didn’t want to wind up watching an animated porn. That’s not really my thing. But thankfully, this anime was not explicit. Clips like the one below were all that were shown. We obviously know what they are doing or about to do, but they do not show below the waist and these scenes didn’t last a long time either. Once the point is across, we are off to the next scene.

One of the things I found interesting and funny was the relationship dynamic between Takato and Junta. Takato is older, has more experience, is very aloof at times, yet charming and also intimidating. He’s also just one big grouch lol. Junta is the exact opposite. He’s young and lively, he’s excited and eager about everything, and although he is charming, he’s comes off as an overgrown puppy. But he is also practically a dog in heat.

Junta is not afraid to show his affections to Takato and is always trying to get Takato in bed. The minute they are alone, he’s practically ripping off Takato’s clothes. Their complete opposite personalities is what makes it all so funny to me. What makes it even funnier is that Takato is so mean and sassy, yet he is this tiny, itty bitty, petite man, whereas Junta is large and in charge. He can pick Takato up and toss him across a room if he really wanted to.

If I were to put their relationship dynamic into pictures it would be these.

Takato: annoyed with life / Junta: excited to be breathing the same air
Overgrown Puppy vs. Mr. Cranky
Yes, he was this horny throughout ALL the episodes.

So the show itself pretty much just explored the development of their relationship and any drama that came their way because of it and I think it did a good job at doing so. There were two things about this show that I did not like though.

  1. Junta and his hornyness. He was so turned on allll the freakin time for every little thing and while it could sometimes be funny, it also got to be a little too much. Especially when his fetishes would come to the surface. Some people like fetishes. I, personally, am uncomfortable with fetishes. But I am glad that the show didn’t focus too much on them.
  2. Questionable consent. Consent, or the lack thereof, was all throughout the series. I say ‘questionable’ because most times, a yes was never given to Junta when he would try to make advances. In fact, Takato would do a lot of pushing away. But at the same time, we as the viewer spend a lot of time in Takato’s thoughts and know that he wants Junta, but most times he still never says yes, he just eventually gives in after Junta keeps trying and he gets turned on enough. And they actually are dating too and start calling each other boyfriends soooo? Idk, it’s really confusing and the questionable consent had me a little uncomfortable at times

But overall, the show was entertaining and it was nice to pass the time on a lazy weekend. Each episode is only around 20-23 minutes long so they go by pretty quickly. I would recommend this show if you are bored and want something lighthearted to pass the time.

Final Rating:

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