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[Dark Blue Kiss] Episode 5

Where do I even start. A lot happened in this episode of Dark Blue Kiss, but yet, nothing happened..? Does that even make any sense? Lol. I will try and keep this review short instead of recounting every single thing that happened.

Pete & Kao

Pete and Kao have their cute moments but then they also annoy me too. This series is really highlighting their faults and the things that are unappealing about them. For instance, Pete and his temper. He is too hotheaded. He reacts according to his emotions first and asks questions later. While I can understand his jealousy, he needs to take a look at the bigger picture and stop letting a little kid get under his skin.

As for Kao, I’m annoyed with him because he just lets things happen without speaking up. He is also actively lying to Pete about tutoring Non and I’m annoyed with his dishonesty. I’m not saying he should stop tutoring Non, because I know he needs the money in addition to the sticky situation he is in with Non’s dad being the director of the school his mom works at. Non’s dad is also holding the possibility of a pay raise over her head as long as Kao tutors his son which is NOT OKAY.

Kao is also still closeted and refuses to tell his mom about his relationship with Pete. It’s obvious that she already knows and I agree with letting people share information on their own time. But the longer Kao waits, the more difficult he is allowing situations to get and that’s just it! He’s allowing things to happen without even trying to stop them. If he ever mentions anything, he just barely scratches the surface and is so nice about it, people just brush off what he says. I find myself rolling my eyes at Kao A LOT.

Non and his dad on the other hand, man…they can go kick rocks….with no shoes…or socks. And I hope they bruise their toes.

Like, that’s how much I dislike these two. Non is annoying. And while I feel bad for his homelife situation because his dad is jerk, that doesn’t mean I will excuse all the heavy flirtation with Kao and pettiness with Pete that he displays. Kao has finally told him that he crosses the line sometimes and he still…doesn’t…get the hint?? So how about I break it down for the little darling.


Image result for back off gif

He was also super close to exposing Kao to his mother one day in school telling her about how close he is to Pete and how he will show up at tutoring sessions sometimes (which, he only did once). The situation was mad awkward and I don’t understand how that wasn’t enough for Kao to see right through him. The little brat knows what he is doing and I want him to go away.

Mork & Sun

Mork and Sun make me smile. I like the slow pace of their development and how they are finally getting to know each other more. They have been spending a lot of time together lately because Sun has been traveling aorund to other cafes to taste their coffees so he can get ideas for his own cafe.

He was feeling a bit discouraged because traveling is so time consuming and he needs to stay and run the shop. But Mork shocked us all with how supportive he is and even placed his hand on Sun’s to tell him that he is going to do a good job and that he shouldn’t give up so soon. He and Rain will watch over the cafe.


We can see that Mork’s feelings are softening towards Sun while Sun is most definitely starting to like Mork. He also made this evident in this episode by offering to take Mork home after work. At first he lied about wanting to get some food near the university but Mork foiled that lie because he knows there are no food places near his dorm. So Sun just comes right out and says it. He wants to take Mork home. You gotta problem with that? Lol

This actually caught me all the way off guard and apparently it caught Mork off guard too because he was standing there looking all flustered and breathless and whatnot.

Close your mouth baby, you might catch a fly.

So Mork agrees to let Sun take him home. While on the way, Sun tries to get Mork to go out to eat with him but all mork wants to do is go home and sleep. So what does Sun do? He channels his inner “get your man at all costs” and practically kidnaps him to take him out to eat with him. Because you know, kidnapping always works when getting your crush to like you…

Image result for eye roll gif

And that’s where this episode leaves off lol. So we’ll see what happens to them in the next episode.

I find that I actually care more about Mork and Sun than I care about Pete and Kao. Pete and Kao are just too much drama and shenanigans for me right now. Sun and Mork on the other hand are developing fluffiness and I live for the fluffy feelings.

So, until next time!

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