[Why R U] Episodes 5-8 Recap

Okay, so I mentioned in my last post about Why R U that I will be taking a recap hiatus for the series because of the bad subtitles. I have still been watching the episodes and the subtitles have still been kind of bad. Not as bad as before, but still bad enough to where I just don’t want to write full recaps anymore.

But we have finally made it to episode 8 and omg my heart is singing!

Tutor & Fighter

Things between Fighter and Tutor have been tense and steamy for many episodes now. There have been so many kisses between them that I can’t even count them anymore. Episode 6 was the episode that sent me screaming down my street and back! Fighter and Tutor got so frisky that it truly looked like they were about to go all the way. But Fighter started thinking too much and scared himself so he put a stop to it.

I was getting a bit annoyed with Fighter because whenever he starts “teasing” Tutor by kissing him and following him and grabbing him, he always blames it on only joking around. It was annoying because we all know how Fighter really feels about Tutor. I was literally screaming at my screen, “just tell the truth!” lol.

Image result for why r u tutor and fighter

But we also find out that Fighter’s dad is the one that is pressuring him to date Hwa. Fighter’s dad is dating Hwa’s mom and for some reason he wants Fighter to date Hwa too. He mentioned something about only courting Hwa’s mom because of a business deal or something like that. It’s all actually kind of gross in my opinion. Fighter and Hwa have nothing to do with his business deal and it’s so completely messy to mix business with romantic relationships, and to drag your kids into too?? No. Just, no.

So we have made it to episode 8 and things are looking to be so much better between Tutor and Fighter. Tutor has accepted the fact that he has feelings for Fighter and he was able to talk all this out with his sister. I was happy that we were able to meet someone from Tutor’s family because he seems to be so alone.

All we knew previously about his family is that his family moved away, leaving Tutor to handle college alone. We also knew that his father was in a lot of debt and there have been men bothering Tutor to cough up the money. But in this episode, we meet Tutor’s sister, P’Tong. She’s super sweet and supportive and we find out that she took a job offer in Germany that pays enough that she can take care of the family. I liked being able to see more into Tutor’s family life.

As for Fighter, he FINALLY told Hwa the truth and broke up with her. She was crying her eyes out and screaming and being angry. But not even ten minutes later, Tutor’s friend Day who has a crush on her, asks her to be his girlfriend then kisses her. And guess what? She says yes lolllllllll.

Like, all the feelings she had for Fighter went right out the door lol. So now they are all happy and giddy and whatnot, but for some reason they are keeping it a secret from Tutor. It is soooo funny to see them trying to keep their relationship a secret. I have a feeling that Tutor has an idea of what’s up but they keep pushing him away after he starts looking at them suspiciously.


Fighter has finally admitted to Tutor that he likes him. I repeat, FIGHTER HAS FINALLY ADMITTED TO TUTOR THAT HE LIKES HIM!

The next episode is going to be when Tutor and Fighter go to the beach. So many people online have been talking about this because the director and acting coach have been saying how steamy the beach scenes are going to be. The only reason they are going to the beach is because Tutor’s sister had a one on one conversation with Fighter and told him how much Tutor loves the beach. She told him that maybe they should go together, spend some time alone, and hopefully their time together will make their feelings about each other clearer.

So Fighter is doing just that. They have agreed to go the beach as lovers to see if this is something they really want to pursue with each other. If they like it, then they will become an official couple. If they think it won’t work, then they will leave each other alone.

But we alllllll know they are NOT gonna leave each other alone lol. They are already in love.

Saifah & Zon


Omg these two have completely become my babies! They are so precious and so pure that my heart just can’t take it.

If you have been watching the show or have read my previous recaps then you know that Zon was initially running away from Saifah. He was so pressed about his sister’s fan fiction becoming real that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Saifah.

But after talking to his sister, Zon asked her to stop writing it and to take him out the fiction. She promised she would and he left feeling much lighter about being around Saifah. Only….she lied. She only promised so that he would stop being so uptight and leave her alone about her story.

But after this, there was a shift in his personality. At first it felt really all of a sudden and out of character. But I realized that he was different now because he could relax and be himself without fear of the fan fiction coming to life. So he and Saifah have actually been becoming friends. They have been spending a lot of time together practicing for the Chemistry Cute Boy performance and also spending time together outside of practice.

I think Saifah has always had some type of feelings for Zon but masked it through all his teasing which would piss Zon off. Then when he started being nice, Zon was confused as to why he was no longer being mean and still ran away from him. But now that Zon isn’t running away from him anymore, Sai is being even nicer. He’s super supportive of Zon and does everything he can to help him during their rehearsals. He even goes as far as hugging him and giving him encouragement before their performance because Zon was so scared he was practically shaking and crying.

Zon was only able to get through the performance because Sai was next to him and he imagined himself only singing to Saifah. Y’all, it was sooooo cute!! I was cringing, I was squealing, I was grinning like an idiot lol.

Then after their performance, Zon finally asked Sai why the heck he is so nice to him and Saifah told the truth, “Because you already have my heart”. And then he kisses his little forehead. Instead of getting all nervous and running away screaming that the fiction is coming true, Zon actually smiles a little and returns the kiss. He places a sweet little kiss on Sai’s nose.

And thiiissss! This is the moment where I finally believed that Zon was falling in love with Saifah because after he kissed his nose, he kept his face close and nuzzled his nose against Sai’s like a little puppy and IT WAS THE SWEETEST!! Then Saifah looks him in the face and kisses his lips and Zon lets him. I repeat, ZON LETS HIM! But he doesn’t just let him. He kisses him back!

Mission is complete! I repeat, the mission. Has been. Completed!

Saifah and Zon have told each other the truth and they have shared their first kiss and everything in the world has been made right again lol.

Ya girl is happy 😀

I can’t wait to watch episode 9 at the end of this week. I want to see what goes down with Fighter and Tutor but I am honestly more interested in Saifah and Zon because they are literally my little angels.

Other Couples

The other couples have still not really had any other type of development. I figured this would happen because there are just too many. Natee is head over heals for Zol, but she doesn’t like him. Natee also spilled the beans that Zen is secretly in love with Zon. I had a feeling about this but wasn’t completely sure. So this revelation is not that surprising. But it can only lead to heartbreak for Zen because Zon and Saifah are an item now.

Junior is still a huge goofball and Soda hasn’t noticed him as anything more than a nuisance. Dew hasn’t admitted his feelings for Blue yet either but he’s a liiiiitttllee bit nicer. Literally only a smidgen. But it kind of seems like Blue has feelings for Champ? Idk, it’s all weird.

The only ones who seem to have any type of development is Japan and Tanthai. Tanthai is still allllll over Japan. He seriously just won’t leave him alone. But Japan is getting softer and softer and is always blushing after Tanthai finally leaves him alone. Then one day Tanthai comes to see Japan (at his house maybe? I’m not really sure) and he finds out that Japan loves cats. So now this is sort of a little secret between them.

“I think you being like this…is cute.”

Japan tells Tanthai to leave but before he goes, he kisses Japan’s hand. Tanthai has made it no secret that he likes Japan. He literally has no shame about it whatsoever. So he kisses his hand and leaves, and what does Japan do??? HE SQUEALS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! Lmbooooooo

He seriously turns into a giddy little girl and is so excited that Tanthai kissed his hand. So now it’s official lol, Japan likes Tanthai and was just trying to hide it all this time. They have been talking more and spending more time together so I wonder what other kind of development they will have.

But let’s pause for a second. Can we just take a moment and appreciate how THIICCC Japan is?

thick legs
look at his chest omg

Japan is so fit and has muscles for daaayyyyss and I am loving it. Junior is really fit and muscular too but Japan is the one my eyes drift to the most.

Anyways! That’s all for this post. This is still pretty much a recap of everything that has been happening so far up to now. But for all future posts, I might be moving into doing reviews. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just do short recaps idk lol. I am still enjoying the show, despite some of the badly translated scenes. Episodes 6-8 were each easily worth 1000 points a piece for the random points counter lol.

Until next time! ~

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  • Erin

    Okay I have to spit out my opinion on this series… ITS SO GOOD.. but if you ever decide to watch it I’d say the start (maybe) might confuse you a little, but do not worry it is good all through and becomes better and better and is such a cute story.
    I’ve enjoyed the series so far and i’m waiting for the next episodes to be released! ^^

    • Anais Naiim

      I started watching again! The subtitles are still a bit sketchy but the series is really good and I’m enjoying it so much 🙂

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