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[TharnType] Book vs Series

Okay, so this will be quick.

I know that my last few posts about TharnType the series has been quite ranty. In my very last review post I even said that episode 4 was going to be the final review that I write. Well I am here to retract that statement and give the show another chance.

A couple days ago I discovered a youtube channel that has been posting videos about the missing information from the TharnType book. Apparently there are some Thai fans who have read the book and are not satisfied with how the series is showing things. It is leaving so much out and also a few scenes have been completely changed, which has disatisfied some viewers.

This channel has taken it upon themselves to upload brief videos explaining some of the things that have been left out from the novel. And boy oh boy, am I glad I found this person’s videos. The information given fills in the gaps and helps me understand why things are happening the way they are happening. And as for the scenes that were completely changed, well I can’t do anything about that, but knowing what took place in the novel makes other things make sense. It makes Type less of a disrespectful, homophobic bully and it makes Tharn less of a lustful creep.

SO! I am willing to give the show another chance…even though the teaser for episode 5 looks like it will upset me too lolll.

Anyway. I basically came on here just to say that. My reviews aren’t stopping just yet. If you are watching this show and have been feeling like I have been feeling, try to find some novel summaries somewhere. They will be so helpful in understanding the characters more. Even something like explaining the purpose of the ice in the sex scene makes more sense now. Or how when Type ate Tharn’s snacks and left a mean note yet Tharn smiled about it and saved the note, it all makes sense now.

So, thank you random person on youtube!

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