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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 4]

Hello and I hope you all are having a good day today. It’s cloudy and rainy where I am but that’s okay. Today’s prompt for the 30 Day BL Drama Challenge is: Favorite side couple. Now I have a small handful of side couples that I have liked over the years. But since I have to choose only one, my favorite side couple would be, without any doubt, Saifah and Zon! Omg I love them so much!

For anyone that doesn’t know, Saifah and Zon are from the recent BL drama Why R U the series. Surprisingly enough, they were not actually supposed to be a side couple. They were supposed to be the second main couple but because of filming limitations due to covid-19, their story was not able to be fully fleshed out. So, the writers and director had no choice but to make them a side couple along with the many others within the series.

Saifah and Zon were the cute, cringey, slightly awkward couple and I was livvviinnng for their fluffiness. I prefer fluffiness over sexiness any day and they gave me all the cute and fluffy feels that my heart desired, while the other onscreen couple gave me all the passion and sexual tension I could ever even imagine lol.

Saifah and Zon were a hate-to-love relationship (just like Tutor and Fighter) but their hate-to-love relationship was a bit different. They only hated each other because of an irrelevant girl lol. Zon had been seeing a girl but they weren’t officially dating. This girl was not serious with Zon (Zon did not know this at the time) and she was seeing other guys at the same time she was seeing Zon. One of these guys was Saifah. Just like the girl, Saifah only wanted to hook up. One day, Zon caught them in a parking lot about to get busy. He comes charging over, angry, and spoils the whole thing.

The girl ended up running away, letting Zon know that they weren’t exclusive, and she could see whomever she wants. After she left, Sai and Zon ended up getting into a small fight. While fighting, one of them slipped, they both fell, and they landed in an awkward accidental kiss. This “kiss” immediately ended the fight and they both left hating each other even more.

Throughout the series, we see how they go from hating each other to actually getting to know each other, spending more time together, and eventually falling in loooovveeee lol.

This couple made me so happy. I swear I haven’t squealed like this since I watched the first season of SOTUS. Yes, Saifah And Zon gave me those kinds of fangirl feels. Super cute, super relatable. I know there are lots of people out there that prefer the other couple from Why R U. And I’ve actually seem some fans get mean and nasty and start bashing SaiZon fans as well as Sai and Zon themselves. Honestly, it’s not that serious. People are free to like who and what they want to like. There’s no need to get mean and rude.

Anyway! If you haven’t watched Why R U the series yet, head over to the Why R U YouTube channel. You can find the Line TV links to watch for free in their community tab. I definitely recommend the show.

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