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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 3]

Hello everyone! Okay, so I missed a few days lol. I’m not used to posting everyday and I straight up forgot that this challenge was an everyday thing hahaha. Anywho! The prompt for day 3 is “favorite couple” and I’m practically dyyyyiiinnnggg that I have to choose only one!

Since I have to choose one, it should be no secret at all that my ultimate OTP is Kongpob and Arthit from SOTUS: The Series. Them being together brings me so much joy that I end up just giggling like the goofy fangirl that I am every time I see a picture of them.

I mean, look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

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They make my heart happy. They are nowhere near perfect…well…maybe Kongpob is. He’s literally an angel lol. But no matter what they went through, they were able to work it out and get through it. Their love for each other was very evident even though Arthit could sometimes be a jerk. I was so happy when he was able to fully come out. Coming out freed Arthit of the things that were mentally binding him. In turn, this bettered their relationship.

I love the gradual build of their relationship from the time Kongpob was a freshman in university until 2 years after Kongpob graduated. It’s crazy to me that this couple has six years of being together on screen. Two seasons of a series and one special episode for Our Skyy.

One of the things that I absolutely loved about Kongpob and Arthit’s relationship is that the problems they had never had anything to do with anyone else. There was never any outside drama or outside people trying to come between them and ruin their relationship. Their problems were strictly their own and no matter what, they worked things out because they loved each other and wanted to be together.

They are not a perfect couple, but they are perfect to me and I luuubbbb them! They were the first BL couple that I ever fell in love with and SOTUS is the series that truly set my BL fangirling in motion. So, if you like this website, thank Kongpob and Arhtit for it lol. They will always hold a special place in my fangirl heart <3

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