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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 5]

Hi Friends! So today’s prompt is something we don’t talk too much about when it comes to BL and that is: female characters. The prompt for today is Favorite Female Character and for me that is May from SOTUS The Series.

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I liked May the moment she started dancing like this with no shame, just straight up having fun lol. May is such a sweet character and a good friend. She is honest and stays true to herself throughout the series and I was a bit of a sucker for the development between her and Em (the guy in the gif above lol).

May is played by the actress Neen Suwanamas. She has only been acting for around five years so I guess that would still be considered new in the acting world. I have only seen her in three shows but she will be acting in three upcoming dramas. The dramas were all supposed to be released this year but with the way 2020 is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the dramas were pushed back to 2021 or even 2022 if they haven’t started filming yet.

I don’t know much about Neen outside of her acting but I seem to always like her characters. From what I’ve seen, her characters tend to be drama free which I like. I hope she gets even more acting jobs in the future and continues to improve.

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