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Krist & Singto together again!!

I’m about a month late to even hearing about this, but this news has brought me out of my drama watching hiatus. Krist & Singto are going to be in another series together again and they are playing a couple! Never did I ever think we would see KristSingto as a couple again. And the trailer for the new series has me absolutely SCREAMING!

The chemistry is still there between the two and I just can’t freakin wait to watch this!! Omg.

And I heard that Singto left GMMTV a long while ago so seeing him back again for a brand new series is truly a pleasant surprise. Krist & Singto are one of the OG couples of Thai BL that truly propelled Thai BLs into the mainstream. I still remember back in 2016 waiting for every single episode of SOTUS the series to air with jacked up English subtitles and still watching anyway because I loved the show so much. I started off in the Soompi forums then switched to the Pink Milk forums before the creator of that forum threw a tantrum and disappeared off the internet lol.

Watching SOTUS the series, SOTUS S: The Series, and then seeing the Kong and Arthit couple finale in Our Skyy, it was truly a journey. And to have been there since the beginning just fills me with so many memories. So seeing this trailer after after all this time makes me feel like Krist & Singto are superheroes who have decided to come out of hiding just like in the Incredibles 2, lol! That is so freakin dramatic but that’s seriously how I feel. I love this for them! And seeing all the OG fans like myself coming out of the woodwork to support this new series is so heartwarming.

I think this is supposed to start airing at the end of this year. I can’t wait! The end of the year is a busy time for me so I am hoping that I will be able to devote time to watching this. I’m so excited!

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