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The Final 2Moons Fanfic!

Hello hello! I know I haven’t been very active on here lately and for anyone that still reads this blog, I am very sorry. That is going to change soon so please be patient with me TT_TT

But I came on here to announce that I have finally started posting the chapters to my final 2Moons fan fiction! This final story will focus on Ming and Kit. In the original series, we only got the tiniest bit of development between these two. For my fanfic, I have completely reimagined their storyline but I tried to keep their personalities similar to their on-screen characters.

In this story, Ming and Kit are familiar with each other but they are not yet friends. One day, a misunderstood encounter of theirs gets captured on camera and goes viral. They are then launched into a whirlwind of rumors and secretly entered into a competition for couples. They end up winning before they can put a stop to anything, so they just agree to play along. But things take a turn when their fake feelings start to become real.

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into this story so I’m hoping it can do as well as my others. You can read all my stories as stand-alones or you can just read them in the order that I wrote them.

If you have read either of my other stories and liked them, I hope you enjoy this one too. Link is down below!

As always, thanks for reading this blog 🙂

Playing For Keeps by: Anais Nai’im

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