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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 2]

Day 2’s prompt for the 30-day BL drama challenge is: Your favorite BL drama. And hands down, my favorite drama is SOTUS: The Series. The story of a third-year engineering hazer and freshman engineering student falling in love. It is the one drama that I can watch multiple times and never tire of it. I’ve never skipped an episode or parts within the episode. I just…love it lol

I didn’t always like it though! It took me a long time to even become invested in the show. It took until around episode 4 for me to start liking it even a little bit. I started watching the series when only the first six episodes were out. From then, I watched each episode as it aired. I actually was close to hating SOTUS: The series because I absolutely cannot stand nor do I condone hazing.

I find hazing of any kind to be absolutely despicable. Not only is it a pointless abuse of power, people get extremely hurt from it and many have actually died from hazing activities gone wrong. It happens frequently in Thailand, and deaths from hazing have happened in the U.S. too. So, I really didn’t like the show and I hated Arthit as a character. The only reason I kept watching was because I was genuinely curious as to how Arthit and Kongpob were going to fall in love when their relationship was so terrible and imbalanced to begin with.

But this was a hate-to-love story done right because as the ice broke between the two main leads, I could feel myself warming up to their relationship too. I’ve always liked Kongpob though. He was the best from the very beginning. It was Arthit I wanted to punch in the face. But once this ship had set sail, I was lost in love with them lol. It also helped that later on, the show explained what S.O.T.U.S. is actually supposed to stand for and mean to the students.

I enjoy a good slow burn romance as well and again, this was slow burn done right. I could feel the feelings Kongpob had for Arthit while I could also feel the confusion Arthit had about his own feelings. The development was done at a believable pace that actually made sense. Kudos to the director, the screenwriter, and the original author.

I also enjoyed season 2 as a series as well. But just like with season 1, this was a slow-going story and I found myself feeling the exact same things I felt while watching season 1. I didn’t like it at first, I was back to hating Arthit, and I didn’t become invested in the show until around episode 5 or 6. BUT THENNNN. Once the ship set sail I was so gone! Lol. Also, season 2 did a much better job at showing what S.O.T.U.S is supposed to be and how it should be implemented. The new hazing class in this season was sooooo much better than season 1.

Both series are slow burn with a bit of angst. But the one thing that shines through is the love between Arthit and Kongpob and I can’t recommend this series enough!

If you have yet to see this series, here is a playlist. GMMTV, the entertainment company that produced the show, uploaded the entire thing to their YouTube channel.

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