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30 Day BL Drama Challenge – [Day 7]

Hello again! Today’s prompt for the 30 Day BL Drama Challenge is: Best Friendship. Friend groups aren’t really something that’s highlighted in BL in my opinion. A character might have a couple friends but their character arcs generally stay in the background. But a group of friends that stood out to me from all the dramas that I have seen is the friend group from HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count.

I liked this ragtag group of friends because they were actually really hilarious. Even though they could sometimes get on my nerves and be a bunch of immature boys, I liked how loyal and supportive they are of the gay members in their little group. They did not reject them, they did not berate them, nor did they shun them. Instead, they tried to understand them. Even going out of their way in their free time to understand what it means to be gay…even though they didn’t quite choose the best methods lol.

Make Our Days Count 那一天

If I were to have a group of friends, I would want them to be as supportive and faithful as this group here. Even after high school they remained friends. They were goofy and fun and had so many different personalities that meshed well with each other. Even when they finally accepted Yu Xi Gu into their friend group, he fit in nicely too despite being an extreme introvert.

history3 make our days count

Yu Xi Gu – The small, quiet, booksmart introvert. Xiang Hao Ting – The loud, rambunctious, extrovert who can be a bully sometimes but is secretly smart. Sun Bo Xiang – The emotional and rash one who is also very loud and exuberant in personality. Can be jealous and territorial at times but extremely loving, romantic, and loyal. Xia De and Xia En, the twins – One is hot headed and demanding while the other is calm and rational. They balance each other out. And lastly, Gao Xiao Chun – He’s literally the normal one lol. The most levelheaded who has a little piece of everyone’s personality all wrapped into one.

HIStory3 Make Our Days Count

It took me a little while to warm up to these guys but I ended up really liking them. They have become the group of friends that I find the most memorable. If you like fun friend groups, then be sure to give Make Our Days Count a watch if you haven’t already.

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