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Check Out the series Official Teaser

Okay so, what the actual frick. Lollllll this teaser left me with sooooo many questions and so many thoughts yet no thoughts at all. I can’t even really voice everything I feel right now. Like…this trailer was so intense! This was absolutely NOT what I was expecting.

After watching episode 0 for this series, I thought this was going to be a cute and fluffy romance between grown men. I mean, sure, their relationship started with a one night stand, but they seemed to really want to get to know each other by the end of it and the episode ended in a fairly cute way. I was down for the romance and excited for a brand new series.

BUT THEN! The official teaser dropped this morning and I’m like….at a loss for words??? The sheer drama of it all omg. It looks so completely messy with a possible love rectangle and some backstabbing going on, and I just have no idea how to digest this teaser lol. I was in emotional turmoil just watching Dark Blue Kiss and this seems to be right up there in the emotional drama department, just like DBK. I hope it’s not even more intense. I don’t think my heart can take it.

We already have crying in the trailer, arguments, multiple love interests, and it even looks like Chahub’s character gets taken advantage of on a drunken night. Soooo much mess!! Such drama!

I don’t know. I’m in shock and don’t feel ready lol. But I have until June to work up my nerve because this show starts airing this Summer. I’m excited and nervous at the same time, and I just needed to scream about it for a few seconds lol. Now, back to my regularly scheduled posts.

Did yall see the teaser? What are your thoughts?

**Update 3/22/22** So, the official teaser has now been age-restricted (which I find hilarious since Episode 0 isn’t) so that should give you a good hint at what kind of drama and spice level is coming our way this Summer lol

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