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My New 2Moons Fan Fiction!

Hello everyone!

It has been a long while since I have posted anything. I made a big move back to my home country so things were pretty hectic for me for the past two months. I was trying to make sure I had everything in order with my school, immigration, and my apartment so I wouldn’t get charged any unnecessary fees.

But I’m back now and things are finally starting to calm down. I’m having an extremely hard time adjusting to the 13 hour time difference, but I am happy to see my family again. I am also excited to get back to making posts!

With that being said, I want to announce that I have finally started posting my second fan fiction! It’s still a 2 Moons fanfic. My first one focused on Phana and Wayo from the original series. This second one is going to focus on Forth and Beam.

In this fanfic, Forth and Beam do not really know each other that well at first. The story contains a slow burn romance between the two of them. I got the idea for this fanfic when it was announced that the original series was getting a season 2. So I quickly got to writing.

But then drama happened and the series got a whole new director and a completely new cast TT_TT

I chose to stick with the original actors for my book cover because I like them 🙂 (also because when I made this cover and actually started writing, the new cast hadn’t even been decided yet).

But anyway, I have been posting on Wattpad and I would absolutely love it if you would give it a read. My first fanfic with Phana and Wayo has reached over 95k reads! I am so appreciative and happy that so many people have been enjoying my story. I am hoping that this new one can get just as many reads, if not more!

Please let me know what you think by voting on the chapters, leaving comments, and sharing my stories with your other fangirl friends 🙂 Link is below!

Just By Chance by: Anais Na’im

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