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Upcoming Series To Watch List

So 2019 isn’t over yet and there are still quite a few series that have either just started airing or hasn’t begun airing yet. But GMMTV (Thailand’s major television production and talent agency) has already released their upcoming series for 2020. Some of them look really good!

Honestly, GMMTV rarely disappoints me. I don’t watch everything they put out but the stuff I do watch, I end up enjoying for the most part. In the past 13 hours, GMMTV has released thirteen new trailers for upcoming series. To be completely transparent, 12 are trailers for series, 1 is a trailer for a movie coming to Thai theaters. And some of the trailers are for second seasons of shows I never watched to begin with.

Out of the thirteen new trailers, I am interested in two of them for sure and three of them are a maybe.

For Sure:

  • 2Gether The Series (I saw this book on a Thai website a year or two ago and was interested in it but I can’t read Thai lol. So I’m excited that it has been turned into a series. I’m not sure if it’s truly supposed to be bl or not)
  • A Tale of a Thousand Stars (I’m really interested in this one because Earth Pirapat is in this one and he is one of my favorite Thai actors. The potential love interest is also a new face that I haven’t seen before. This is a bl series)

I will admit that even though I really want to see these, I am weary because in 2Gether the series it doesn’t seem like a show where the main characters actually end up together. It looks like they will just be jealous of each other and then never do anything about their feelings.

In Tale of a Thousand Stars, I’m not sure what to feel. It feels like a different take on the whole body swap thing which I usually don’t care for. There is this girl who gets into an accident and dies. Then there is a guy with a heart problem who undergoes heart transplant surgery to stay alive. Turns out the heart belongs to the girl that died. He finds out some things about her such as how she volunteers out in the countryside as a teacher. She was also in love with one of the army captains stationed out there.

Well, he decides to head out to that same countryside and continue the girl’s dreams. It’s pretty much a tribute to her for the donation of her heart. But when he starts catching feelings for the army captain, he starts to believe that it’s only because he has the heart of the girl inside him. So you see how that can be weird? It’s not quite a body swap but it sounds like the writers of the series can easily take the lazy way out and stray away from what would be a very obvious bl story line. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.


These three look like they are lighthearted and funny and I’m all about lighthearted and funny lol. Comedy and fluffiness can sometimes turn out to be my favorite (2Moons anyone??) so I put these on my radar. I don’t plan on watching them in real time though. I’m just going to wait until majority of the episodes are released so I can come back later and binge watch them.

Back to 2019

So we are still in 2019 and there are still some series that came out this year – or will come out late this year – that I still have not gotten around to watching.

  • Dark Blue Kiss ( Only one episode has been released so far. I haven’t watched any of the previous 2 seasons but I don’t really care lol) bl
  • With Love the Series (this one actually sounds confusing but it could be good? Idk, we’ll see) both bl and non
  • HIStory 3 (This is a series from Taiwan that I loooovvee. Each season is split into two to three different series. If I don’t like all of them, I end up liking most. This is season 3) bl
  • Until We Meet Again (My little baby Fluke is in this! Another one of my favorite Thai actors) bl
  • Why R U the Series (If I’m not mistaken, this is also coming out in 2020 but the company (not GMMTV) has already been releasing tons of videos with the actors and my beloved angel Saint is in this series! I’m excited to see more of his acting) bl and non, I think
  • Theory of Love (OffGun! I think most people are finally happy that they get a real kiss in this series instead of just holding their faces super close together like we are dumb enough not to notice that the kiss is fake *rolls eyes*)

I have a lot of catching up to do. As I surf the net and find more trailers, I continue to add more movies and series to my list. Most that I find are older movies and shows from a few years ago or older so I won’t list any of those here.

Are any of you watching these or are preparing to watch any of these? Let me know. Leave a comment!

*click the titles in gray to take you to the trailers

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    • Anais Naiim

      I’m still debating with myself if I want to watch it or not. I was just such a huge fan of the original cast even though people were really mean to them and said they can’t act. I thought 2moons was such a cute and fluffy show and I loved it so much. But season 2 is weird for me because it’s not a season 2. It’s a complete remake, so I have no idea why they chose to call it a season 2. Tell me how you like it once you finish it!

  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    Thanks for the info cause I was bit confused when I read the synopsis for season 1 and season 2. They didn’t sound all that different but I didn’t give it much thought after that.

    As for 2Moons2, it was very light and fluffy if you like that kinda thing. Me, I like my dramas to be a bit more spicy which is why I dived in deep for Forth and Beam. But nothing else happens after that one time on the bed for them, which disappointed me. Well at least Forth didn’t give up until Beam became his wifey. Hehehe!!!

    As for Ming and Kit, they were okay. I wasn’t that invested in them.

    Pha and Yo was the main couple and I wish it was Forth and Beam since I was more interested in their storyline. I did hear they will be the main focus for season 3. I hope that is true.

    Pha gets jealous far too easily in my opinion. I dated a jealous guy once and I got out of that relationship quick, fast and in a hurry.

    And You has a shrine of pictures of Pha in his room. I would never let a man see this if I had such a thing. That seems a bit stalkerish if you ask me.

    • Anais Naiim

      The shrine of pictures was definitely a bit stalkerish lol.

      In the books, book 1 focused mostly on Phana and Wayo. In book 2, the focus was mostly on Ming and Kit and it was super cute. There was some focus on Forth and Beam which is how their relationship gets started of course, but I remember there being more about Ming and Kit. Phana and Wayo’s relationship also made a complete 180 in book 2 and went from being cute and fluffy to super sexual. Phana was horny basically the entire book. Then book 3 focused back on Phana and Wayo and turned into a crazy soap opera. I was literally laughing out loud at all the ridiculous antics that happened in book 3.

  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    Well thanks for letting me know how the books goes. I am Team ForthxBeam. Give me more of them please.

    And I know Phana is a horn dog. He just couldn’t wait to put it down on Wayo. Then he was sulking when Wayo wasn’t ready. But he exercised patience. And the morning after they first did the deed, Phana was so proud of his skills because someone left a note asking them to keep the noise down.

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