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100K Reads!

So it happened! I’ve reached 100,000 reads of my first fanfiction on Wattpad. Not only have I reached 100k, I’ve actually surpassed it!

This might sound like a silly thing to get excited over for some of you, but it’s a HUGE milestone for me. I have always been nervous about putting any of my work out there for the public to read and even keep my writing secret from my family. They know I write, but I don’t really allow them to read my stuff. The things I write just feel so private and like a part me. Having people read my things makes me feel a type of vulnerability that just isn’t appealing.

And of course there is always the chance that people just won’t like my work. While I’m sure that’s true, I am just happy to have so many people that actually do like my writing and leave comments of their thoughts about different scenes.

My second fan fiction is steadily climbing in number of reads every single day and I am just really thankful. Everytime I see the notification telling me that someone has voted or commented on my story, I whisper a ‘thank you’ because I really mean it! THANK YOU 🙂

In less than three weeks, it will be a year since I have completed my fanfic and it makes me happy to see so many people still interested in the original cast of 2Moons. It makes me feel less alone in my love for them lol. For me, they are the ONLY 2Moons cast and I wish them so much success in their future endeavors.

If you haven’t started yet, read my fanfiction! It’s super cute and fluffy and I couldn’t be any more proud of it than I already am. It focuses on Phana and Wayo. And if you want more afterward, read my second fanfic! That one focuses on Forth and Beam. It’s also fluffy but definitely has some steaminess to it. I took a more mature route for Forth and Beam as that is how the author of the books originally wrote their storyline. Both of my fanfics are reimaginings of the 2Moons story with only a few similarities.

Bet On Love (PhanaWayo) – ttps://

Just By Chance (ForthBeam) –

So anyway. That’s all. I just wanted to get this excitement off my chest lol. Thanks for reading 🙂

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