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[MV Review] TỰ TÂM & CANH BA

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I just absolutely have to give these music videos a round of applause. These two videos have got to be the most beautifully filmed music videos I have ever seen. Even though they are music videos, they can be watched like short films, and that is the reason why I have this review in my ‘movies’ section.

It’s so hard to try and summarize what these two videos are about because soooo much happens in such a short period of time. There’s lying, deception, cheating, romance, lust, marriage, backstabbing, death, shamanism, and just…DRAMA! Omg the drama is so real.

The story is broken up into two parts so far and I am deeply hoping for a part 3. Tu Tam is part 1 and Canh Ba continues the story as part 2. With the way part 2 ends, there can definitely be a part 3 to further the story and I’m hoping the director chooses to make it. Part 2 was released last month and even that was 2 months after part 1 was released. So maybe in two more months we can get a part 3? Here’s to wishful thinking! Lol.

The story follows three characters: a king, his wife, and another man who is a lotus flower personified. Both the king and his wife are in love with this man and the drama that ensues will have you glued to your phone or computer screen because WOW! This seriously needs to be a movie or a series or something


I think each actor played their character perfectly. I believed absolutely everything. The actors were good at showcasing the emotions of their characters such as sadness, jealousy, and anger. It was all super dramatic but still very believable. I honestly didn’t even know who to root for in this mini musical series! There is so much lying and deception going on, that no one seems to be a good and honest person. The only thing that seems pure is the love they feel. But when that love is kept secret due to lies, is it still pure?

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The overall story is a heavy one but the level of drama and intrigue in this seem to be typical for historic asian drama films (in my experience, at least). There is no dialogue since these are music videos but everything is shot and acted so well that dialogue is not even needed.

Here, we have a man (the lotus flower personified) who is the secret lover of the queen. I get the impression that the king and queen are not truly in love with each other but they like each other enough. Anyway, one night while the queen is having a secret escapade with The Lotus in her chambers, they hear the king coming. And to prevent being caught, The Lotus disguises himself as a burglar. Crazy stuff ensues and before the king can see the face of this “burglar”, The Lotus ends up dead.

The queen then secretly performs some kind of ritual to bring The Lotus back to life. When The Lotus is revived, the king – who was out in his boat one night contemplating things – finds this newly revived Lotus who has no memory of what took place before. He brings The Lotus to the castle and nurses him back to health.

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The Lotus then becomes the king’s personal musician and they end up falling in love. The queen gets jealous of this because she remembers everything that happened before and this is where the drama takes another huge turn. I wish I could just tell you everything that happens but, SPOILERS!

Yall, there is plot twist after plot twist in these short videos and I seriously thought I was watching a full length film. There neeeddsss to be a part 3 because even the way part 2 ended was another twist that I did not see coming.

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I have absolutely no idea where these videos were shot. Were they actual locations? Was is a set with props? I don’t know. I just know that wherever they were and the type of editing that was added to the shots, it made the films absolutely beautiful.

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The music is dramatic and memorable. If I am correct, the singer is actually the actor that plays the king. I have no idea what is being said because I don’t speak Vietnamese, but I found myself humming the song after I was finished watching.

Final Thoughts

WATCH THIS FILM! I promise you, you won’t regret it! Seriously, just watch them. It will only be 15 minutes total to complete both and you will feel like you watched a full length film. It’s so good you guys. If we never get a part 3, I can see myself rewatching this over and over again because it’s just that good.

Even though it’s not an actul movie or series, these MVs have made it to my favorites list. Wow. I am completely blown away.

5 out of 5 stars

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2

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  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    The videos were shoot very beautiful and even without the dialog you can understand what’s going on.

    I honestly felt so bad for the queen. The musician was her lover first and she should not have lost hi to the king. And then the king doesn’t even try to bring her back alive. He only cared about his lover. That made me mad.

    • Anais Naiim

      I already gave the links, at the bottom of the post under the stars.
      The tone of your comment also comes off quite demanding… I don’t always want to post the links to everything I watch. But in this case, I did already. So if you could please delete the links from your comment.

  • How To Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

    Sorry you are taking what I said completely out of context. I was not being demanding at at. I was only giving you a reminder. I honestly did not see the links in your post. Had I seen them, I would not have posted the links.

    As for removing the links, please see if you can do that. I don’t see any buttons where I can go back and edit the comment.

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