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[Movie Review] Front Cover

Front Cover is a movie that was released back in 2016. For a quick synopsis, the movie is about an openly gay man named Ryan who works in the fashion industry. He is of Chinese descent but was born and raised in the USA and is culturally distant from his Chinese heritage.

One day at work he is told that he is going to be working with an up and coming actor from China named Ning who is coming to the USA for a while to branch out and reach a wider audience. A big issue is that Ning refuses to work with anyone who is not Chinese. Once they meet, things prove difficult. Especially since Ning seems to be homophobic. Things start off rocky but they eventually end up warming up to each other.

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I felt like the premise of the story is pretty good. I was excited to watch this movie because it sounded like it would be good. And even though I wouldn’t straight up call the movie bad, it definitely wasn’t that good either. It was a C-grade movie with a low budget, with actors who seem to not have tons of experience.

The actors did their jobs to the best of their ability but some moments were cringe-worthy and the delivery of some of the lines felt very amatuer and fake. There were moments in the movie that I feel should have been delved into because they carry a deeper meaning. Especially for people who have grown up in a country with a language and culture that is different from their native one.

Certain things were either hinted at or briefly acknowledged before moving on with the plot. This made me feel like the screen writing was either rushed, or the writer just didn’t know how to delve deeper into the issue at hand.

I understand that small time writers, actors, and producers have to start somewhere. But this could have definitely been a better movie with better actors, a bigger budget, and better writing. This movie truly felt like a debut movie. I don’t know if it was for the writer but upon some research, the two main actors have had plenty of jobs before this movie so it was a shock to me that their acting wasn’t better.

The movie has a sex scene that was done fairly well. There is a flash of a booty crack so this film definitely isn’t for the younger audience lol. But the rest of the scene is a series of close ups so that nothing is too raunchy. Or, you know…straight up porn. I hate movies that turn into pornos *cough cough* Blue is the warmest color *cough cough*.

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Thankfully this movie didn’t do that.

Overall this movie was just okay. It has the type of ending that could be taken in many different ways or even open for a sequel. But even with an ending like that, it’s not a movie I would like a sequel made for. It’s not a movie I would watch again, but I wouldn’t not recommend it either. The only thing I felt after watching the movie was, “On to the next one!”

Lol, see ya 😀

Final Rating:

2 out 5 stars
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