Bitter about Monsta X: My Very Unpopular Opinion About NO.MERCY

So a while back I was watching Monsta X videos and cracking up laughing at their ‘Monsta X-Ray’ show they have on YouTube. I really think they are funny guys and great on camera. I first heard of the group by my brother because he likes them so I wanted to check them out. In doing so, I found out that they were created through one of those survival competition shows called No.Mercy so I wanted to watch it just to start from the beginning and really get to know the guys.

Well to keep a long story short, like….I’m super bitter about the outcome of the show????

I thought I would watch the show and really get to like them and continue watching their new stuff and really get into their music but like, that did not happen. AT ALL. And I’m probably the only person in the world actually upset about it lol. But that’s because I just finished watching the show a couple weeks ago. I think the producers and writers of the show were really and truly grimy and mean spirited and the judges weren’t good judges with who they chose to eliminate.

I thought I could see myself growing to like Monsta X but now that I’ve seen No.Mercy, idk, it’s changed how I feel about them. Even though my opinion doesn’t matter in the slightest since they have plenty of fans and supporters. And I know that the contestants of the show literally had no control over the outcome, but I can’t help but feel sooo….bitter. That’s the only way I can describe how I feel.

I am probably the only one that thinks this (and will probably get a lot of hate for this if anyone ever reads this post) but I don’t think it’s fair that I.M. is in the group. He was placed on the program MORE than half way through. He came in after the fourth elimination round when there were only two more eliminations to go. TWO! And even after joining the program, he never got critiqued on his performances?? He performed in only two group performances and that was it! Like, how is that even fair?? I found myself hating the fact that the other contestants finally started being nice to him. Like, I know I know…that’s super petty, and I’m sure I.M. didn’t even have any control over anything but I didn’t even want the other contestants to accept him because HE. SHOULD. NOT. HAVE. BEEN. THERE.

Jooheon called it out and I couldn’t agree with him any more than I already do. The way things went down were extremely fishy. The show was rigged. I firmly believe that I.M. was guaranteed a debut regardless of anything, whether he actually knew about it or not. And then the way that stupid judge took the contestants out to eat, buttered them up, and made them feel happy, just to tell them that another trainee will be joining them. AND he did that right after a contestant that everyone loved got eliminated. That was wrong on so many levels. Soooo freakin many. And yet he smiled basically the whole time he was telling them the news.

#Gun should have been the second rapper in the final group. Even in the recording studio #Gun was better than I.M. It bothers me so much all the praise #Gun got and how much he grew as a rapper and dancer and ended up with nothing to show for it. There was only one judge (Mad Clown?? What kind of freakin name is that anyway) that didn’t like him and in my opinion, it sounded like he was just being a hater. The only thing he ever said to him as a critique was that he was “old fashioned” and then straight up told him that he wasn’t a good rapper WHICH IS FALSE and also that’s not even a critique, it’s an opinion. The most he ever did was compare him to Jooheon, which again, IS. NOT. A. CRITIQUE. He really should not have even been a judge.

I’m not trying to take away his accomplishments or accolades or anything like that. Obviously people like him, and he’s a famous rapper in Korea but seriously, his rap name is dumb and he was presenting himself as a hater. But who knows, that could have just been mnet’s ridiculous editing as well. Mad clown was never shown saying much of anything constructive to #Gun. The most the viewers got to see was him saying “I’m telling you you’re not a good rapper.” and “Your rap style is too old fashioned.” and then many comparisons to Jooheon. The reason I don’t think he was a good judge (based off of what was shown) is because that’s not how you help someone. You can use someone as an example to get your point across but to basically say ‘This is why this person is so good…you don’t do that, so that makes you a bad rapper’ is not good critiquing skills nor is that being a good teacher/mentor. Different people have different rap styles and that’s okay. But all the editing made it seem like Mad Clown just didn’t like #Gun because he wasn’t exactly like Jooheon.

And if the reason for bringing I.M. on the show was because they were looking for a different rap style then they should have never eliminated Kwangji. The judges knew that there were only 4 rappers to begin with and Kwangji was a good rapper. He had a different sound than both #Gun and Jooheon. If not having enough rappers and needing a different rap style than #Gun was the issue, then Kwangji should have never been eliminated. The whole getting rid of 1 rapper and 1 singer in the SAME episode was dumb, especially since there were double the amount of singers than rappers. Personally, I was so sad Kwangji got eliminated 🙁

And on another note (which people will probably hate me for saying this too) but I don’t think Minhyuk should have been in the final group either. It should have been homie with the big ears, Seokwon. Seokwon was better at singing AND dancing. Minhyuk would hit so many flat notes with his wobbly, raspy voice yet the judges would say his voice was more stable than Seokwon’s. Like, huh??? How?? Where?? Show me this vocal stability you speak of. Smh.

I can admit that personality-wise, Minhyuk was a lot more fun. Like I mentioned before, I really do think Monsta X are some funny guys and their variety show is really entertaining to watch. But apart from that, even now, I’m not a fan of his voice. I still think the other guy was a better singer and dancer. But yes, Minhyuk has a livelier personality….still don’t think he should have the final pick though.

I know this show is three years old so my opinions really don’t even matter at this point, but never has a show left me so emotionally stressed and bitter. Kwangji should have never been eliminated and the final group should have included #Gun and Seokwon. NOT Minhyuk and I.M. And if not #Gun in the final group, then it should have been Kwangji.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. I don’t care if people read this and hate me for it.

Something that was supposed to make me like Monsta X, did nothing but make me want nothing to do with them and their music. But I guess that was my own fault for watching the show. Clearly it was a bad decision for me to start from the very beginnings of Monsta X and that’s unfortunate. Once again, I know the group members and other contestants had no control over the outcome nor could they control what the writers, producers, and judges chose to do. But this is how I feel.

I won’t be a vicious anti-fan and wish terrible things on them or anything like that but I definitely won’t be becoming whatever their fan name is. It was clear that all the other members worked hard and truly want to be successful and take care of their parents (Wonho absolutely brought me to tears with the story about his mom selling their furniture and belongings just to give him money).

But still…the way I feel about the end result of the show is overpowering any other feelings I have towards the group as artists. I feel so scarred lol. That’s super dramatic but that’s how I feel.

No stan here.

It makes me wonder how Monsa X feels about the show and if they originally agreed with the final group members…

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  • Jo

    omg dude… I used to feel this way too 🙁 but I realise that this selection process happens to all groups, just behind the scenes. unfairness is everywhere – Stella kim was slated to join SNSD since their very first formation/trials, but she left during the FINAL stage right before their debut!!!! it’s so sad!!!!! the ones who were here since the beginning should totally get to debut, but I’ve learnt that sometimes life doesn’t turn out that way 🙁

    It also really sucks because starship decided to publicise a process which is traditionally done behind the scenes. and their evil editing attempts were SO OBVIOUS LOL, all the drama in the show brought them lots of money, but the mental toll on the boys? The physical exhaustion??? I can’t imagine what they went through – all of them must have had it so hard. Starship’s an awful company for doing this and capitalism really sucks, so I hope they succeed – no one should have to go through all that only to fail.

    So yeah man. I feel super bitter too, but my hate is directed at starship. Okay, and kwill, for being a mean guy – he was even meaner than san.e which is an achievement in itself LMAO

    if anything, the show made me a very strong supporter of trainees and nugus… after watching it I just really want every trainee to succeed LOL thanks no mercy for making me a multi-stan

    I’m so sorry this is long!! This blogpost really resonated with me (but in a slightly different way from your feelings) so I accidentally wrote a heartfelt piece here expressing love for trainees (and hate against the company HAHAHA)

    • Anais Naiim

      Ugh I wish I could be like you and direct my bitterness and non-support towards their entertainment company but for some reason I just can’t lol. It’s so hard for me to like a group that contains two people that I feel shouldn’t be in the group in the first place. What makes it worse for me is that the three guys I showed in this post, THEY ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND and I find that so freakin sad. I think I would be a little less bitter if each of them had debuted later and were currently experiencing success, but alas, they are not 🙁
      And after watching this past season of Produce X 101 and all the current drama surrounding that, I have sworn off the group creation survival shows. I’ve seen the first two seasons (long after they aired – didn’t agree with those lineups either), skipped season 3, then watched season 4. And for some reason, just like with NO.MERCY, I was waaaaayyy too invested this season. And AGAIN! there were two people that should not have been in that final lineup! When Jin Hyuk got voted off I was so mad I had to get up and go for a walk looollll. And then, only to find out that 8 members out of the final 11 were already predetermined from the jump, I just…wow…I just can’t.
      So I’m done with shows like this.
      Sorry my reply is so long too, but reading your comment just brought back all my rage lol.

      • jo

        omg dude no worries haha we all have many feelings about survival shows and it’s cool!!! ok I didn’t watch pd101s4 so i can’t add anything, but yeah I kinda realised after a while too that survival shows are just a scripted / predetermined internal selection process that’s televised for money LOLOL total false advertising and a waste of voters’ money…

        yeah I get your feelings! guess the most important part now is for us viewers to try and change this (by not supporting survival shows). kpop capitalism is seriously screwed up. It’s hard enough competing against your friends/frenemies, but having to appear on TV as a pawn for profit and money-making… UGH.

        Kpop’s even worse than western reality tv whose competitions pit strangers against each other. Kpop pits FRIENDS against each other in a completely unnecessary show bc the lineup has already been decided!!! what’s up with that!!!! MNET ARE YOU READING THIS

        HAHA ok sorry enough about the industry, back to the topic: I think that as much as there are Winners and Losers in a competition, tbvh I think everyone’s losing against capitalist giants / companies. LOL i know this is such a pessimistic view of the world. But shows like no mercy really taught me that what determines success isn’t our own talent/skill but sheer luck/the whims of economic powers. as long as we’re part of the working class – from a barista to a kpop trainee or even a debuted singer – we’re never gonna win LMAO damn im so sad now

        ok on a lighter note I think this would interest you/lift our spirits though: have you seen #gun’s recent releases (like last monthish?) he’s grown so much as an artist it’s great!!!! he has also grown a moustache which is less great but never mind that

        • Anais Naiim

          OOMMYYGGOSSHHH! No! I literally stopped searching his name in like January or February but this is great news! I just watched all three videos and wow this is such a different sound, style, and concept for him. It’s not bad but it’s definitely not what I was expecting or hoping for. And you’re right about the mustache lolll, that’s definitely “less great”. He looks more like an actor now. And did he lose weight? Or could we just not tell due to all the darn baggy clothes he used to wear? Lol.
          What surprises me – yet, doesn’t surprise me at the same time – is that Starship did not really promote this?? And also, with all the noMercy videos in my YouTube history and Kpop and Produce101 videos in my history in general, why did YouTube not recommend me his videos?? Weird..
          But thank you for telling me! Now I just need Kwangji to debut. He posts on his personal instagram but I’m pretty sure he is not signed to a company and hasn’t been since the ending of the show.

          • jo

            HAHA omg I laughed at this. Probably a little bit of both baggy clothes and losing weight tbvh. and YEAH i found it by complete luck – checked out the starship twitter a literal day before his single dropped :0 ss is so dumb

            AND OMG sorry for the late reply, I forgot to check back – but I just found out about the produce 101/48/x news and it reminded me of our convo. they’ve confirmed that the results except season 1 were rigged… sigh. Not v surprised but honestly super glad that the entertainment industry is undergoing better checks – hopefully these media giants will stop abusing their power + start being more honest from now on!!!

            Also hope that the industry is deterred from launching new reality tv series / competitions in the future… too exploitative of trainees

          • Anais Naiim

            Yea all this Produce drama is just one big steaming mess. I read in an article that apparently the PD of Produce even received sexual favors for certain things. It’s all so freakin gross. But now Mnet is saying that they will just use other means of calculating votes such as having an “Observer System”. What ever they decide to do, I’m no longer watching. The entertainment industry is just so corrupt half the time and it’s sad. But it’s corrupt pretty much everywhere.

            And I’m happy for Kwangji! I will continue to wait silently until he releases something 🙂

          • jo

            AH SORRY for double comments but forgot to say: I heard that Kwangji just completed his military enlistment? good on him for finishing it!! hopefully more opportunities come his way once he settles down :’)

  • XJFF

    The pandemic made me watch tons of KPop.
    Ventured into I-Land and just like you, got really curious with No.Mercy as Monsta X is really interesting. Let’s not talk about I-Land since that’s fairly new and it seems to be very conceptual. I might check Produce franchise after this.
    Anyway, that was a long intro (lol).
    How’d they call No Mercy a reality show? There seems to be nothing real about it except for the boys’ performance, experience and stories. Changkyun is good, just that his addition is really unfair. Makes me feel like he’s an executive’s son that got promised a quick way in.
    R. I . G. G. E. D.
    I share your sentiment that it’s quite unfair with the other boys. Also, weird that Gun is always at the top6, whilst Minhyuk is always in the bottom. This guys has dreams, hurts that they shattered it just like that.
    Maddening, if you ask me. They should’ve just canned the show since it’s so fake!

    • Anais Naiim

      I agree. But now I know that the majority of these music competition shows are fake and rigged. The Produce 101 rigging drama is proof of that. I haven’t watched any other music competition show ever since Produce for this very reason. It sucks to become so emotionally invested and then it turns out to be rigged from the jump. 🙁