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[Review] My Engineer

Hello, hello again! I recently finished watching My Engineer and I’m ready to share my thoughts about this hilariously crazy show lol.

The show follows three different couples and their experiences with school life, friendship, and falling in love. Our couples are Bohn & Deun, Boss & Mek, and Ram & King. Each couple has their own development and storyline, but each story kind of joins together because they are all pretty much friends with each other. Bohn, Boss, Mek, and King are all second years (if I’m not mistaken), they’re all friends, and they’re also all Engineering majors. Ram and Duen are friends and are first year students.

I didn’t quite know what to expect coming into this series. I hadn’t even really heard that much about it because as it was airing, other more popular shows were airing at the same time such as 2gether (which I still need to watch >_<). But I wanted to watch it because the actor Cooper was in it and the only other thing I’ve seen him act in is My Bromance the series. He did a good job in that series, so I wanted to see him in something else.

Long story, short: I really enjoyed this series and laughed way more than I ever thought I would. I’d assumed that the show was going to be a fluffy romance with a little bit of drama but ommggg this show was a straight up comedy! I laughed so hard throughout the series, with episodes 1-5 being the funniest to me. Then things kind of slowed down and got a little boring in the middle when issues between Bohn and Deun began to take center stage. But everything picked back up and I became invested again towards the final episodes.

One of the things that I liked about this show was that for the most part, each couple had equal screen time. Sometimes I did find this frustrating though because I could just be getting into the development of a certain couple, only to have the next part of the episode focus on another couple for a while. And then when I would finally warm back up to them and become invested in their story, we would switch again to another couple. Argh! Lol, but in the end, I really liked this approach because it kept me wanting to watch the series and it felt like no storyline got less screen time than another.


I enjoyed all the characters in this series. Even the unwanted girlfriend getting in the way of one of our couples was a nice girl that I just couldn’t hate. I sincerely appreciated that the writers did not make her a crazy b***h that causes too much drama. She was kind and understanding and stepped away when she needed to.

Bohn and Deun were my least favorite couple of the three. They argued too much for my liking. Deun was constantly pushing Bohn away and wouldn’t even allow him to hold his hand or hug him goodbye. I can understand not wanting to kiss just yet; they needed to get to know each other more. But Deun just felt way too cold and stand-offish even for me and I hate people touching me lol. It got to the point where I wasn’t even sure that Deun actually really liked Bohn because of how he would talk to him and treat him. And Bohn got crazy jealous way too fast. I eventually got tired of this couple and skipped some of their interactions.

Mek and Boss were fun and lively, and I loved their confession scene. The response to the confession was completely unexpected but it made me feel warm inside. Their love confession happened in a way that we all not-so-secretly want love confessions between friends to happen. I loved it 🙂

But my favorite couple of all the couples is, hands down, Ram and King.

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Ram and King were so different from any couple I’ve watched on screen. They were actually a breath of fresh air with their drastically different personalities. Ram is a character that hardly has any lines. He’s stern, quiet, reserved, and only really talks to people that he trusts and is close to. King is sweet, caring, outgoing, and helpful, and in many ways, he is the complete opposite of Ram.

Despite being an engineering major (usually these characters have a harder, tougher appearance and personality), King was practically this ethereal, fairy, plant dad who lived in his own greenhouse and I was liiivviiinnnggg for it lol.

what a drama king)) | Tumblr
An actual plant fairy <3
Lives in an actual greenhouse lol
He’s giving him a flower. I can’t even, omg

Despite Ram and King being so different, they clicked so well together and had an unspoken understanding of each other. Ram did not talk, yet King understood him so completely it allowed Ram to open up to him more. And for King, Ram was the grounded surety that King didn’t know he needed.

For their confession, I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to swoon, scream, or cry lol. But no matter how I felt, their confession was so meaningful. I’m sooooo unhappy that we have to wait until season 2 to get more development from them. It felt like their relationship was just starting while everyone else was moving into the middle stages of theirs.

Lastly, all the extra friends of our main characters were fun and I liked them. I hope they all return for the next season as well.


I think all the actors did a wonderful job. The only actor I was familiar with in this entire series was Cooper. Everyone else, I had never heard of. I think most of them are newer actors that haven’t been in too many projects yet, and the projects they have been in, they were for support roles. They all did a great job though. I think the guy that played King is the only other actor besides Cooper that has had a main role in another series, but don’t quote me on that.

The actor that played Mek is Chinese and didn’t really know how to speak Thai that well, so his voice was dubbed over which was soooo weird to see and hear lol. The voice actor they got to dub over him did not fit Mek’s physical image at all, in my opinion. But the actor still did an amazing job at embodying the character of Mek. His facial expressions and emotions were so good.

Sadly, he’s been fired and shipped back to China for very vague reasons. I hope things will change and that he will be able to come back for season 2 because if they recast him, it’s going to be so weird. He and the actor that played Boss had great chemistry and it’s rumored that they were really close off-camera too. So, recasting him is not going to sit well with many people, I’m sure.

The guy that played Ram is a good actor too. For someone that hardly had any lines, his character still had a distinct personality and he was able to get the emotions of the character across very well.


Honestly, there wasn’t much of a storyline lol. This series is pretty much just a slice-of-life story that follows three different relationships. I don’t mind stories like this though because they are often lighthearted and easy to follow. In the case for this show, there was also lots of comedy thrown in with the fluffiness which I also found enjoyable. There was no serious drama like we see in other series like Dark Blue Kiss. I didn’t mind that because I like lighthearted shows.


Thailand is and always will be beautiful, so the scenery was amazing as usual in these Thai series. I tend to love it when the characters in a series go traveling or camping or visiting rural areas because I, as the viewer, get to see other parts of Thailand outside of bustling Bangkok.


The music was nice but not entirely memorable. The theme song was strange to be a theme song in my opinion though lol. It sounded like mumbles for the majority of the song and then it ended in a strange place. Basically, it sounded like they took a random song that they liked, started the theme in the middle of the song and then ended it in a random spot too. It wasn’t an awful song. I just found it to be an interesting choice for a theme song and the odd place they started and ended it wasn’t a great decision.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I’ll probably watch some episodes again before season 2 airs. I have no idea when season 2 is going to air, especially with the pandemic still going around. But I will be on the lookout for it. I need to know what’s going to happen between Ram and King! I’ve heard that in the books, the relationship between Ram and King turns tragic and nonsensical. But since season 1 didn’t really follow the books that much anyway, I am hoping that season 2 doesn’t either and that Ram and King can get the development they deserve just like the other two couples.


I give this series a 3.75 out of 5 stars. I really took no issue with it other than the slower pace of the middle episodes and the constant arguing between Bohn and Deun. The show felt incomplete but that’s because there is supposed to be a season 2. It’s my personal preference that things wrap up in a single season simply because you never know if a following season is truly going to happen. But that’s just me. I feel the same way about books too. Even though it’s a series, I think each individual book/season should be able to stand on their own with some form of completion even if the overarching story is not finished. The only couple that didn’t feel complete was Ram and King and that sucked because they were my favorite.

If you want to watch, every episode is available on the My Engineer YouTube channel with English subs for international fans. Give it a watch!

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