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Unpopular BL Opinions

The concept of having “unpopular opinions” is something that I have been seeing going around YouTube for a couple of years now. I’ve seen natural hair unpopular opinions. Kpop unpopular opinions. Drama unpopular opinions. Pop culture, society, and plenty others. I have also seen unpopular BL opinions and I have decided to do my own because my opinions seem to differ from even the so-called unpopular ones that I’ve seen.

So let’s get started!

Love Sick season 2 sucked.

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Yep, I said it. I understand that Love Sick is the Thai BL drama that truly put Thai BLs on the map in the drama world and I can respect that. They were the youngest gay couple on Thai TV at the time and helped pave the way for the many BL series that followed. Phun and Noh are considered one of the original BL couples. Like, they are literally the OGs.

But season 2 just wasn’t good, in my opinion. Season 1 took a couple of episodes for me to get interested in it (for many reasons, but cheating being the main culprit). But once I was, I enjoyed the show enough to finish the season. Then we get to season 2 and all we have is constant drama between girls and a bunch of side couples and relationships that don’t matter. Situations and things were dragged out for far too long or were just completely unnecessary from the very beginning.

Not to mention, the majority of the things that happened in the show didn’t even exist in the book. The book was told from Noh’s point of view so everything else was just added nonsense. And whoooosssee freakin idea was it to go from 12 episodes to THIRTY-SIX?? All the extra drama should have been cut out and they should have kept season 2 at 12 episodes as well. Maybe 14 episodes if they wanted to get fancy. But 36??? Absolutely not.

So I stopped watching somewhere around episode 14 or something like that. I was bored and annoyed so I moved on.

I am not sad that the Addicted series from China will not be completed.

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I have made it no secret how I feel about this series and my strong distate for the romantization of bullying, sexual harrassment, and sexual assault. This series just did everything wrong for me. I watched with hopes that it would get better and it never did.

Rape, kidnapping, harrassment, assault, exerting physical force, and being controling ARE NOT ROMANTIC.

For those of you that like this series or similar stories, you need to stop perpetuating the trope that these things are romantic because they aren’t. The second this stuff happens to you or a close friend, I’m certain you will be singing a different tune.

Moving on..

I like the fact that Pete & Kao do not have a lot of skinship and kisses.

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Pete and Kao are not a physically affectionate couple and many viewers of the show seem to have a problem with this. I’ve seen many comments saying how them not being affectionate “is not realistic”. Or “they are dating and couples kiss and have sex all the time” and blah blah blah.

NEWS FLASH: It is realistic.

There are people out there that just don’t showcase their love through physical affection and there is absolutly nothing wrong with that. There are lots of people out there that identify as asexual (not to be confused with aromantic) or demisexual. Sex and physical affection is just not their thing and that’s okay. People also have different love languages and many couples have to often adjust and adapt to their partner’s love style.

Kao’s love language seems to be Quality Time while Pete has more than one, Physical Touch and Words Of Affirmation. Do they often butt heads because of this? Yes. Sometimes playfully, sometimes seriously. But they work through it like couples are supposed to. Different people show and accept love differently and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sex and skinship does not need to be the main focus of every single BL. If you don’t like Pete and Kao because of this, fine, you don’t have to. But stop saying it’s not realistic, because it is.

Oooorrr you could just go ahead admit that all you want to see are sexy scenes between two attractive men and not a relatable relationship dynamic.

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I hate when people only like BL because of sex scenes.

This kind of ties into what I just said above. Many people (mostly girls and women) only like and watch BL in the hopes of seeing a “hot sex scene”. This actually really annoys me. I am a female but I am picky with my BLs because while I enjoy a good LGBTQ story, I want a good plot, good acting, good writing, and a believable romance. You know…the same exact things I look for in non-BLs.

I have seen really bad BLs – movies and series – yet people will love them. And their review of the show will only center around how “hot” the love scenes were.

Sex scenes do not make a good story!

Just like an honest relationship can’t stand on sex alone, neither can a movie. There needs to be more. Good writing and good acting is what makes the movie. If sex and smut is all you want, just go watch a freakin’ porno.

Mild was not a good Techno.

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I think I mentioned this in another blog post, I’m not entirely sure. But I didn’t like this guy as the new Techno in the TharnType series. I don’t think he portrayed the character nicely at all. It felt forced and over-the-top to me, while the original Techno (Gun) seemed naturally awkward and cute and goofy.

At first, I thought perhaps I was just missing the original actor. But after watching Mild in a couple of other things, I realize that I just don’t like him as an actor.

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TharnType the series was a let down.

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I’m sure you’re probably thinking that I have no right to say this since I didn’t even finish the series. But I watched 7 episodes and reviewed 5 of them. That is more than enough to feel something towards a series, whether the feelings are positive or negative. Mine just so happen to be negative.

Techno is annoying. Tharn is a pushover. And Type is freakin’ toxic af.

And for those who might be wondering: No. I do not plan on giving the show another try and there is no amount of convincing that will make me change my mind. Life is short and I choose to spend it watching things that don’t make me want to scream and beat my head against a wall.

Fluffy BLs are the best BLs

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t watch BLs just to watch two men kiss and sex it up. I love cute, romantic stories. I also like the occasional story that pulls at the heartstrings. But fluffiness, comedy, and pure love are the best to me. If you have explored my blog, you may or may not have realized that by now lol.

Together With Me: The Next Chapter should have never happened.

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The second season – Together With Me – that showcased how Korn and Knock got together should have been the end of it. But instead, they made Korn a cheater (while trying to get married!) and my love for them as a couple completely diasappeared.

Cheating is the ultimate turnoff for me and it baffles me senseless how people choose to stay in relationships with people who have cheated on them. Cheating is not an accident. It’s an active decision, no matter how horny, hot and bothered you are.

If someone is willing to disregard how much they will hurt you by choosing to engage in relations with someone else (when you are in an agreed upon monogamous relationship), then that person needs to get the boot. Or even worse, them knowing how much it will hurt you and then doing it anyway??

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For me, cheating and abuse are the ultimate unforgivable acts in relationships. Absolutely no second chances given. I feel like if someone can do these things then that means honest regard and respect for your feelings and you as a person do not exist. Or it exists but not to the extent that they would care enough to not engage in those acts. That is not love and no one can convince me otherwise.

Nope, nope, nope, nope, NO.

This leads into my next opinion,

I hate how cheating is romanticized just because the show is BL.

Cheating can happen in any type of relationship. But I hate that these writers have romanticized it just because the show is BL. If you put two people in an exclusive relationship together, why make them cheat?? I just don’t get it. So many shows are guilty of this.

  • Love Sick
  • Together With Me: The Next Chapter
  • Dark Blue and Midnight
  • Make It Right
  • Feel Good To Say Goodbye

These are just a few but there are so many more.

Making a male character have a girlfriend, then cheating on her with a guy is not romantic. And just because he’s cheating with a guy instead of another girl, doesn’t make it okay. It’s still cheating! I really hate it and I wish it would stop.

Shipping real actors and idols is not okay.

Shipping FICTIONAL characters is fine. Shipping the real life actors and idols is not. People just take things way too far and it’s soooo disturbing.

Some of these celebrities actually see these fanfictions that people write and it makes them so uncomfortable. Especially when the majority of these fanfics are nothing but smut. The ones that make me want to gag when I see them are the ones where the male leads get pregnant or ones where the main character is a girl and she is in a relationship with all the members of a kpop group, most commonly BTS. Liiikkeee….???

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Stop doing it! As I said before, if you want smut that badly, go and watch a freakin’ porn film and leave these celebrities out of it. It’s so damaging. It’s not cute. And I actually feel really repulsed by it as I’m sure the celebrities do too when/if they see these stories.

There have been instances where platonic relationships have been damaged or made highly uncomfortable due to obsessed “fans” pushing their fantasies on these actors and idols. I’ve read all about the crazy fans constantly pressuring the members of One Direction to admit that there have been in-group romances.

Another example is Toey and Ohm from Make It Right. Their relationship went completely down the drain because obsessed and domineering “fans” began to bully Toey’s real life girlfriend because they wanted him to only be with Ohm. Like, are we really serious?? It’s called ACTING for a reason.

Something that plays into this is all the “fan service” these actors and idols engage in. It’s only fueling the fire and needs to stop. The first time I ever saw fan service, I was so weirded out by it, and to be honest, I still am. I just can’t understand the purpose of it.

Where I’m from, the concept of “fan service” doesn’t really exist. Everyone is well aware that acting is acting and nothing more. Do some of these stars meet and fall in love outside of filming, yes. Do some fans ship these stars? Yes. But the delusion of these actors only being allowed to act with each other or only be in a real relationship with each other is just not a thing here.

I love a good story, I love a cute romance, I love good acting. But I know how to draw the line between the fictional characters and the actors that play them.

And now…last but certainly not least,

Queer-baiting needs to end.

Either make them a real couple or just make them friends! This whole gray area, back and forth, will they won’t they stuff really and truly grinds my gears. I hate that these writers and directors put the characters in a bunch of would-be romantic situations, only to say in the end “tHeY’rE jUsT fRaNnnDdSs”.

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iTs jUsT bRoMaaNnCcee…

No. Just don’t.

I find it really mean to hint at something in order to pull in a certain audience, only to not deliver what it is that particular audience is wanting and expecting to see. That’s a trick and tricks are deceiving.

Make them gay or don’t. Just stop tiptoeing around it.


Anyway. Those are my opinions. Excuse me if they came off a bit ranty lol. What are some of your unpolular opinions?

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  • Beth

    Hi! Not long ago I found your blog because I didn’t have a drama to watch and I was looking for a reviews and opinions in the BL world. I consider myself a senior in in the k-drama world however, in the BL world I’m totally a newbie, maybe I’ve only seen a few BL dramas but when I read this article I couldn’t more agree with you in some points. A friend recommended me “Addicted” and when I started to watch it I felt so disgusted and angry with the main couple, I couldn’t understand why this drama was so popular, the key between any couple fiction/non fiction is the mutual consent! so I’m happy to find this “unpopular opinion” hahaha I thought I was the only that I didnt like it.
    Also, I agree with the sex scenes and shipping the real actors is like WHAAAAT O_o
    I’m still discovering this BL world, so thank you for your blog and this kind of articles. Right now, I’m a huge fan of 2gether *_* simple but cute and romantic (and good songs).
    Cheers from Mexico 🙂

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